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Bold and Colorful Bathrooms: How to Make a Statement

Homeowners are turning to bold and colorful design ideas for their bathrooms in hopes their homes will feel more unique. Though bathrooms often are fashioned with timid white and muted materials, and so the boring and banal palette can make the room feel cold and sterile, the space itself is versatile enough to be organized, decorated, and remodelled exclusively to your liking. Bland bathroom layouts are a thing of the past with the increasing popularity of wanting to use different color elements to make a bold statement.

As homeowners gravitate towards color and textures to capture their unique style, this neglected space is becoming more personable, modern, and chic. Different combinations and prints across multiple surfaces allow you to fully upgrade a dull bathroom into a trendy new space. The design experts at iBathrooms implore you to read on to find out how your colorful bathroom can make a bold statement.

white tiled walls with white vanity and wallmount

Brightly Coloured Tiles or Backsplashes

Opting for brightly coloured tiles or backsplashes such as red, orange, or yellow, works very well as a general contrast to existing neutral colours such as white, black, or grey. The difference in colours highlights the more radiant, illustrious palette thus, standing out even more prominently.

Bold Wallpaper or Painted Accent Walls

In both cases of wallpaper and accent walls, a bold or painted touch will help highlight the beauty and appeal of the other fixtures in the room. It’s an effective style choice to bring the room together and create a talking point. Once your neutral base is established, the use of colours will serve as powerful contrasts.

Patterned Shower Curtains or Window Treatments

A window treatment is designed to improve the aesthetics of both the window and the room. To benefit from this increase in visual appeal, find your favourite shower curtains or windows treatments and install them to bolden your bathroom. Roller shades and valances are examples of window treatments that are offered in bright patterns and colourful shades to emphasize design and style for a casual and informal but sleek look.

Colourful Bathroom Vanities or Cabinets

A bathroom vanity or cabinet can use countertop accessories or the vanity or cabinet itself to incorporate different bold bathroom paint colours. A vanity unit painted in an unexpected colour can stand out while embodying the characteristics of its colour. Another great look in a bathroom design is a vanity or cabinet with accented handles. The combination of natural wood for a vanity or neutral colours for a cabinet along with placing colourful accessories on the counter can tie in the room together beautifully.

Blue vanity with marble counter top
ceramic countertop white vanity renovation

Artwork or Statement Pieces

Hanging picture frames made from detailed wood, colourful vases, or finely crafted statues can add a unique distinction to your bathroom and complement the main fixtures it sits beside and/or the walls it hangs on.

Unique or Colourful Light Fixtures

A light fixture is important for obvious functional reasons. However, the colour of the light fixture adds a bold touch to the bathroom.

Coloured Grout or Caulking

This small detail can have a major impact on your bathroom because brighter grout colours can completely change the look of a tiled surface. For those homeowners who remodel cautiously but are also looking to be ambitious, this is the design option to capture both sentiments.

Contrasting Trim or Moulding

Painting a bold bathroom colour on your trim or moulding is effective in making a statement despite the colour being particularly out of the way. It can indirectly incorporate the colour while catching your eye whilst in the room.

tiled wall with attached bath tub bathroom renovation
blue vanity and subway tiled wall renovation

Bold Flooring Options

There is an aesthetic appeal that colour variation adds, creating depth and beauty in a complete bold bathroom design. Scratches and marks are also less likely to appear on bold flooring options which is a bonus for a newly renovated bathroom space.

Playful or Whimsical Accessories

There are plenty of small, relatively inexpensive decor pieces such as a bathmat, a hamper, a soap dish, a hand towel rack, and a toothbrush holder to name a few. Homeowners can add one or more of these playful or whimsical accessories to contribute colour that will be complementary to your bathroom as a whole.


The bathroom may not be the first place we think of when looking to renovate a space with bold colour. It is a space however that is a part of every home and has universal elements such as flooring, light fixtures, walls, and windows that can be painted, altered, and redecorated to make a bold statement. You don’t have to have an art degree to find the right colour combinations because there is no correct way to colour your personal bathroom. We encourage readers to take what they’ve learned today and experiment with mixing and matching, and ultimately; have fun with the process. If you are looking to revamp the state of your bathroom with more colour and pizazz, the designers at iBathrooms are eager to help renovate and make your bathroom bold and beautiful.

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