Basement Bathroom Renovations

Basement Bathroom Renovation. Is It a Good Investment?

This will be the first question on the mind of many people considering building a new bathroom in the basement of their home.

The fact is, basement bathroom renovations can be expensive, in fact, if you look thru our pricing and packages page, you will find basement bathroom being the most expensive item on our bathroom renovation price list. 

The reason is straightforward, basement bathroom renovation in Ottawa is the most labor and trade intensive among bathroom renovation jobs.

The plumbing is significantly more complex and involved than a regular 3-piece bathroom reno. On top of that very often all-new framing is required, if existing framing is in place, it is also often in need of modification.

A much larger amount of drywall and drywall finishing is also required for a basement bathroom compared to re regular job. Electrical, HVAC, and absolutely all trades are much more involved in a basement bathroom renovation. 

subway tiled shower wall with white vanity

shower space with white vanity and counter top and toilet

 So Is It Still Worth the Effort?

The answer is an absolute “YES”. 

The basement bathroom is perhaps one of the only bathrooms where you are adding additional bathrooms into your house. By doing so you are significantly increasing the usability of your home and its functionality as well as its market value.  We at iBathrooms have been installing new basement bathrooms and renovating already existing basement bathroom spaces for quite a while. In absolutely all the cases the end result was a wonderful addition to an existing home. 

For many people adding a bathroom in the basement of their home will allow adding living space for a growing family. The children these days tend to stay at their parent’s homes for longer and often time take advantage of having a bathroom in the basement. All in all, it’s a wonderful use of existing space and enhancement to a home you already have and love. Some of the basement bathroom ideas include a combination of a basement bathroom with a laundry room.  A bathroom with a walk-in shower for aging parents or guests. A bathroom with a build-in sauna as a space to relax and unwind. We have built bathrooms with showers for pets. The possibilities are endless.

What Is the Cost of Basement Bathroom Creation?

Currently, for the year 2022, our basement bathroom price starts at $21,999 for labor, trades, and rough materials. And a package that includes all finished materials such as floor and wall tiles, vanity, toilet, shower base, and all wall mount accessories starts at $27,999.

” iBathrooms solely focuses on bathroom renovations in Ottawa. We believe that to be superior in any skill or trade, we need to choose a specific field and dedicate ourselves entirely to that practice.”
Ben W.

Why Choose iBathrooms to Do Your Basement Bathroom Renovation?

We believe that any bathroom renovation contractor whose work ethics and philosophy include a focus on hard work, honesty, and a sense of duty to its clients is a good contractor to work with. We at iBathrooms have been practicing these old school principles for the last 15 years and as you see from our story which you can read on the about us page, we have slowly specialized in being a bathroom-only contractor in Ottawa. We do not do any other work but bathroom renovations. This gives us an edge when it comes to the specific skill that is required from a bathroom renovation contractor as well as the timing it will take to complete a job and an idea for details, allowing us to see potential problems before they arise. 

But most importantly, you should not choose your contractor by what they say about themselves but by what their clients say about them. We encourage you to look thru our testimonials to get a sense of who we are and what kind of work we do.


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