Benefits of a Modern Bathroom: Why It’s Worth the Investment

Benefits of a Modern Bathroom: Why It’s Worth the Investment

One of the main things that deter people from upgrading their bathroom is the price point. However, it is actually worth the investment down the line. With eco-friendly and modern improvements, your new bathroom renovation can save you money while giving your house a luxury vibe and upping its market value. Let’s explore the other benefits of having a modern bathroom.

Modern Bathrooms Can Improve Functionality and Efficiency

With older styles of bathrooms, sometimes the layout was an afterthought, and appliances are placed in weird areas, like the toilet being right beside the door so that if someone were to walk in, the door would hit your face. By updating your bathroom to a modern design, you can improve the room’s flow and functionality by putting appliances exactly where you want them.

Additionally, this also means adding storage and organization pieces so you can make the most out of the space. In the past, people would build bathrooms with standalone sinks that weren’t embedded into a counter or cabinetry. Consider switching to a sink that offers storage space underneath.

Modern Bathroom Designs Can Enhance Comfort and Relaxation

Your bathroom should be one of the most relaxing rooms in your house, as this is where you go to unwind or get ready for the day. But when seeing peeling paint or chipped tiles, it does not promote an atmosphere of relaxation.

By redoing your bathroom and adding your personal, modern finishes and touches, you can elevate the space so that every time you walk in you feel Zen. Switch up the paint colour to a calming green instead of a stark white and get a tub with jets. It will be like you have a home spa.

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Bathroom Makeovers Can Increase Property Value

Any additions or improvements you make to your home increase its property value. Some people intentionally make renovations to their homes before selling for this reason — to make more money. By giving your bathroom a more modern look, you are keeping up with the new interior design trends that everyone craves.

People admire this style, and it will make more people eager to buy your house when it is on the market. According to research, a renovated bathroom can increase your property value by about 60%.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

When renovating your bathroom, you can update appliances to be more energy efficient. For example, you can change your lights to LEDs; they use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. For toilets and sinks, stores have water-saving options and modes. Toilets now have a variety of flushing mechanisms that are better for the environment: low flow, dual flush, pressure-assist, and gravity assist.

All of these elements can lead to cheaper utility bills and a happier planet.
Increased aesthetics is not the only benefit of having a modern bathroom. It can also save you money and help you make more money down the road. So, even though you spend money on the renovation, it will be worth it in the end.

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