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A bathroom renovation in Vanier is a major undertaking. There are many renovation companies who claim to be professionals, but at the end of the day, they don’t have the experience, certification, and drive to be the most trusted bathroom renovation contractors in the Ottawa area. Our renowned ability to deliver premier customer service and our eye-catching designs have all reaffirmed our passion for building beautiful bathrooms that homeowners can enjoy for years to come.

Bathroom Renovation Company Vanier

Bathroom renovation ideas aren’t as simple as they might seem. Underneath all the beauty of fine fixtures and intricate tile designs is a tangled web of electrical and plumbing components that should only ever be manipulated by a trained professional.

Our bathroom contractors have years of experience on the job and know how to get through the most challenging of tasks. But we never back down from what our client desires and every project is executed safely and transparently. We want to collaborate with the homeowners throughout the process.

natural marble tiled walls with free standing bath tub and show head
two toilet seat with led lighting on top with free standing bath tub

Bathroom Remodeling Vanier

Every bathroom renovation is something we’re interested in. Even if you just want to swap out a tub or upgrade your toilet to an eco-friendlier model or if you want to take everything down to the beginning and blow out walls, the bathroom building experts at iBathrooms will always be there for you.

Treating you like family, we always try to find you the best deal on the finest building materials among our comprehensive network of suppliers. At iBathrooms, we believe that we have to do our very best for each client that we serve. 

Shower Renovations

Many homeowners are most excited about designing a new shower when it comes to bathroom renos. It’s the place to get clean and enjoy a quiet moment to yourself — or with a special someone. Whether you want elegant stone tile or the very popular all-glass shower, we can make it happen.

We can help you make your shower extra functional with a bench and recessed shelving. We can also make it more accessible with a curbless entrance or support bars installed in strategic locations. And most importantly, we make it all look amazing with our extensive knowledge of the latest design trends in bathroom renovations.

black marble vanity with vessel countertop and big mirror with bathtub

iBathrooms is a harbor of style and excellent service that shows dedication to the craft of bathroom renovations.

grey and black themed modern bathroom including shower room with vanity and toilet

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Aside from a new shower, you might also consider a tub-to-shower conversion. This great-looking and efficient way to transform your bathroom is the perfect avenue to explore once your kids have left home. It’s also a no-brainer renovation if you’re living in your forever home.

One day, you may experience mobility issues and you’ll be grateful that you were prepared to tackle any sudden lifestyle changes. Contact iBathrooms to learn more about our special tub-to-shower conversion process.

Contact the Pros

When you need the best bathroom renovation near me, contact the professionals at iBathrooms. We are standing by to give you a free quote online or over the phone. Once we start working together, you’ll learn that iBathrooms is an all-inclusive bathroom contracting service.

We take care of scheduling, deadlines, and materials buying, so you can focus on the progress of the reno and ensure that every aspect meets your expectations. Contact us now to book a free consultation. 

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