Our Process

In all we do, the best way is often the most simple and straightforward. We at iBathrooms would like the process of your Ottawa bathroom renovation to follow the same principle.

If you are familiar with our company and our work, this will not be new to you, if you are new and just starting with iBathrooms here is how this works.

In everything we do our priority is our existing customers we owe them a duty of care and diligence. What does that mean? Well, it’s simple, we want to spend that extra 10-15 minutes in their home understanding their needs and attending to their questions during the process of bathroom reno. This just makes the process so much more pleasant, avoids possible miscommunication and just the end result is better.

With that in mind, we come to 15-20 calls a day, and all the online requests for bathroom renovation costs

For those of you that have contacted us thru the phone and/or online form, we want to provide you with a value-added service and give you the answers you were looking for. We do that thru an initial phone conversation where we will ask you some questions as to the type of bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel you are looking for. Often we will give you a quick verbal over-the-phone guideline as to the cost of the bathroom renovation you have in mind or some bathroom renovation ideas you might find interesting. 

If after our initial conversation, we’ve asked you to fill out our contact us form and you’ve added photos to us, we then proceed to produce a very accurate virtual quote for your bathroom or shower renovation.  Once we’ve sent you our virtual quote it is valid for 10 days from the time of its issue. Within this time you are welcome to get back to us with any questions you may have. When all of your questions have been answered and the bathroom renovation process steps are clear, and your quote is accepted we then proceed to schedule a home visit to take measurements for your bathroom reno.

Usually within a week from acceptance of your initial virtual quote we have a home visit where we discuss not only sizing but all details of your bathroom renovation. If you have opted for us to supply finished materials, our bathroom renovation project coordinator will bring samples of tiles and other materials that you’d need to select for your bathroom renovation project.

Once that stage had been finalized and all selected materials are in stock we proceed to the schedule of the job. Depending on the time of the year and type of a bathroom reno it may be as little as a few weeks and as far as a few months

On the day of commencement of your bathroom renovation, our project management coordinator along with the bathroom renovation contractor will come to your home to start the process. Depending on the size and scope, a project may take from 1 week to 3 weeks. Most 3-piece bathroom renos take about 1.5 weeks to complete.

Once your project is completed and you have your final introduction to your newly renovated bathroom, you are covered by our 3-year labour warranty.

At this point, you are welcome to recommend us to your friends and family and enjoy your beautiful renovated bathroom.