In the world of big companies, individual names easily disappear behind the job titles and elaborate positions.  As a customer, there is a tendency to feel as if we are interacting with more of a machine and less of a human being. For iBathrooms, it is important to maintain the human aspect of work, not only with a customer but between our team as well. Thus, we do not have titles like boss or employer. Each member of our company views iBathrooms as their own bathroom renovation company. We believe in and promote a healthy work-life balance. Therefore, we often take additional days off to recover as bathroom Renos can be physically exhausting on your body. We encourage family time and organize company outings. Our goal is not to take as many clients and complete as many jobs as possible, but rather to prioritize quality over quantity. We aim to schedule each work year in such a way that we can dedicate enough attention to each project and still have enough energy left to live a healthy balanced life with our families. We often take a limited number of bathroom renovation customers each year.

Moreover, one of the very important aspects of our philosophy is specialization. We focus all of our attention on bathroom renovations. For us to be effective, we decided to specialize in this one aspect of home improvement and hone in on our craft in that particular skill. For iBathrooms, that expertise is being the best Ottawa bathroom renovation contractor we can be. We continue to improve our work with every project and learn from every experience. Even after 15 years of doing bathroom renovations in Ottawa, we are still learning something new every time we complete a bathroom reno.

Today, our team consists of 4 bathroom renovation crews and 2 admin members. We are by no means a large corporation, but we are not a one-man show either. It has, however, not always been this way. The story of iBathrooms did not start with “we”, but like many other small bathroom renovation companies, it started with “I”.

iBathroom renovation contractor

I did not start as a dedicated bathroom renovation contractor. As a matter of fact, over 15 years ago, I started my career as many other renovation contractors do. I did various types of home renovations, including bathroom renos myself. Very quickly, it became obvious that renovations and the craft of working with my hands were something that I not only enjoyed but excelled in doing. It felt like I found my calling and the work I did felt right. 

From my experience of working for other contractors and contracting companies, I soon realized that for me to do the work with the quality and moral standards that I would be happy with, I had to venture out on my own. For the next 13 years, I spent refining my skills as a craftsman general contractor, and a businessman, building a renovation company with a business partner. As life moves forward, companies and people evolve too. I started my own company based on my vision and understanding and not long after, iBathrooms was born. 

With my extensive knowledge in the industry, working on thousands of renovation projects for medium and large renovation contractors, I was able to see what works, what serves customers’ needs best, and how to optimally structure the process to provide both the customer and a renovation contractor with a good result and an enjoyable process.

shower room renovation with walk in feature

Over the years, others joined my efforts and brought a similar vision for the company and its values. We evolved from being independent contractors to creating one cohesive small business with a family-like feel. We are proud to be part of iBathrooms and the culture and values that our company represents.

Meet Our Team


Originally from Ukraine, Victor, or as we secretly call him “The Machine”, is loved not only by his family of a wife and 3 kids but absolutely all customers who have the pleasure of working with him. The reason behind his nickname is the fact that he is full of energy and fast at what he does. He does not stop for breaks and has a go-go-go mentality without sacrificing the quality of his work. Victor is heavily involved with the lives of his kids and is an excellent father and friend.


Originally from Ukraine, Bogdan, or as we often like to call him Dad, is the elder statesman of our team, our most senior member. Besides being skilled as an excellent bathroom renovation contractor, Bogdan possesses the wisdom that comes with many life experiences. He used to be a firefighter back in Ukraine and after he retired from that line of work, he applied himself as a tradesman and bathroom renovator. We often reach out to Bogdan for fatherly advice.


Originally from Ukraine, Oleg is one of our senior bathroom contractors. He had been renovating bathrooms in Ukraine before moving to Canada and taking his talents to the Ottawa area. Oleg is a real gentleman and a pleasure to be around both during leisurely and during work hours. He is a father of two kids and outside of work, he spends his free time outdoors, fishing, camping, or traveling.


Originally from Ukraine, Alex has travelled the world and worked with his hands to create beautiful works of art. Alex is a father, husband, and a good loyal friend. He is passionate about the outdoors, and fishing and has two cats. Alex is dedicated to the success of the company, we are very fortunate to have him as our team member.


Originally from Ukraine, Yuri occupies various roles in the company from delivery and disposal, to working with our crews on technical aspects of a bathroom reno. Yuri does the marketing and photography that you see on this website. He works with customers making sure the project is completed to their liking as well as complying with industry standards. Outside of work, Yuri is involved with his teenage kids, sports, and humanitarian projects.