Walk-In Shower Renovation

Revamp Your Bathroom with A Walk-In Shower

Spaciousness, easy to clean, and accessibility – are just a few reasons why you should consider having a walk-in shower in your house. It’s time to ditch your bathtub for a more spacious and luxurious option. At iBathrooms, we offer a wide range of walk-in showers for you to choose from that come in different styles to suit your needs.

What’s a Walk-In Shower?

When you switch to a walk-in shower, you won’t have to worry about watching your step over the ledge of a tub. These types of showers don’t usually have doors or curtains, as they’re semi-enclosed with half walls or glass. There are no obstacles when entering the shower and they’re incredibly easy to step into. 

Different Types of Walk-In Showers

easily accessible walk in shower with wooden vanity

Shower Rooms

Picture a walk-in shower that lacks a door. That’s a shower room. It’s called a shower room because it’s often the size of an entire room. Imagine all that space for bathing. While this option can be spacious, you can build these for smaller spaces too by installing a glass panel that will block any water from splashing across the room.

Corner Showers (Neo angled)

If your home has a small bathroom, a corner shower might be the best option for you as it makes the best use of space. Even though it’s smaller, you can still clean yourself comfortably. Oftentimes, these showers include tiled walls and one or two glass doors. 

subway tiled shower wall with white vanity
printed pattern tiles wall with corner shower space

Curved Shower Enclosures (Neo Round)

If you’re looking for the most expensive and luxurious walk-in shower, then look no further than a curved shower enclosure. Curved glass carries a hefty price tag, but it also provides a modern and sleek aesthetic for your bathroom. You can also build a bench in this shower which will provide you with a spa-like experience.

Types of Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Doors

If your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of space, sliding doors are an excellent option for you. You don’t need to pull them open or shove them closed. Just apply some pressure and push it to the side. While you can save on space with this option, you may have to use more elbow grease when it comes to cleaning this type of shower door. 

shower room sliding door with tile flooring
single vanity cabinet with basin counter top and shower space

Hinged Shower Doors

With this type of shower door, you can pull it open and push it closed, as it swings on a hinge. Framed showers often use this option as they are more inexpensive than their counterpart, the pivot door. 

Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot doors are the most expensive and elegant option among shower doors. But if you can work this into your budget, it’s worth every penny. These are perfect for shower rooms. It might be hard to imagine, but it lacks a frame and moves due to cylindrical, steel beams. It saves more space than a hinged door as it doesn’t have to open all the way into your bathroom. 

transparent grass shower door with ceramic counter top and vanity

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There are many good general contractors and all-house renovation companies in Ottawa. But for us to provide our customers with exceptional service, and quality of work and materials we need to specialize in a narrow area of home renovation and excel at it. Hence iBathrooms specializes only in bathroom renovations. Besides that our customers tell us that we are pleasant people to work with and have a great vibe. Thank you! But really “The only way to be great at your work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs


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