Laundry Room Renovation

Though it’s not a bathroom, the laundry room does fall into the bathroom renovation category. Well organized and renovated laundry room is a great addition to a comfortable and cozy Ottawa home. On this page, we will briefly go over some of the most common questions and ideas pertaining to the laundry room renos.

Laundry Room Renovation in Ottawa

One of the most common reasons people do the laundry room renovations in Ottawa is to make that room clean and organized, and add functionality to the space by perhaps changing the laundry room layout. 

If the space allows for additional features such as laundry room storage may be added turning it into a functional utility room. 

Often we are asked “How do I get the most use of my laundry room”

As with many things the devil is in the details but in general and if the space allows introducing additional storage such as cabinets above your washer and dryer, or a linen towel is a great way to add storage to your existing laundry room.

Very often a countertop with either lower cabinets or above washer and dryer is a great practical way to organize and sort your supplies and help you do your laundry process more efficiently. 

And let’s not forget about the laundry sink. This can not be overlooked. Having a laundry sink in your laundry room is a great way to keep things clean and keep your kitchen or bathroom sinks away from those household materials that require cleaning. 

What’s the best type of flooring for my laundry room, is another question that we often hear from our customers. In our opinion and based on many laundry room renovations we’ve done in Ottawa, tile is the most preferable material for your laundry room renovation. Not only it’s beautiful and timeless, but it will offer your small or large laundry room a long and maintenance-free life.

Cleaning such a floor is quick and easy and when installed using Schluter Ditra, which is the only way we install any tile, your laundry room floor is waterproof and leak-free for years to come.

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Laundry Room Renovation Cost in Ottawa?

As with many other things each project needs to be looked at in specific detail, but in general, our laundry room renovation cost starts at $7,194 for a full laundry renovation for rough materials, labor, and trades. On top of that, you may spend some money on your finished materials such as laundry cabinets, laundry sink, and faucet, and perhaps a new laundry washer and dryer.

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Why Choose iBathrooms as Your Laundry Room Renovation Contractor?

As we said on many pages of this site and as you get to know us, we are not the ones who will sign the words of praise for ourselves. It’s not our place to do so and not our character. What sets us apart from others are the values that we’ve inherited and kept from the previous generation of craftsmen and contractors. These values are what we believe most customers today are still looking for in their Ottawa laundry room contractors. Put it simply, hard work, craftsmanship, and skills acquired thru education and experience, choice in materials, and specialization in a particular field is what allows iBathrooms to provide repeatable quality renovations and good customer service to its clients


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