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iBathrooms solely focuses on bathroom renovations in Ottawa. We believe that to be superior in any skill or trade, we need to choose a specific field and dedicate ourselves entirely to that practice.

On this page, you will find information about our Ottawa bathroom renovation services and how iBathrooms helps its clients like no other competitor on the market can!

Thinking of Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa?

The bathroom is one of the rooms in your house that is the most private and intimate. Everyone wants this space to be clean, functional, and ready to use at a moment’s notice. One of the ways to achieve a bathroom that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional is through bathroom renovations. These days, nobody needs to be convinced that a bathroom renovation is one of the most important home improvement projects a homeowner can seek out. Not only is it the best return on investment compared to other types of home renovations, but also you can enjoy your remodelled space right away. If you want to make your dream bathroom a reality, that’s where iBathrooms comes in!

ottawa bathroom renovation with modern design

clean and modern bathroom design with free standing bathtub and large walk-in shower

Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa 

Bathroom renovations are one of the more complex and labor-intensive renovation projects for homeowners. It involves many specialty trades that depend on one another to coordinate in order to work together seamlessly. Despite the bathroom space occupying less square footage than a living room or kitchen, for example, the services of many skilled men and women are still required before the final project reaches fruition. For a room, as little as 8 feet by 5 feet, everyone from plumbers and electricians, HVAC specialists and framers, tile setters, and painters, will be tasked to work as a team. 

Nevertheless, before those contractors set foot in your house, you, the homeowner, have to do the most important part of this renovation: planning. You have the freedom and ambition to create and design a bathroom that meets your desired tastes and preferences. Select the products, materials, and finishings you want, all within a budget that is feasible. Once finalized, your qualified and experienced bathroom contractors at iBathrooms are ready to begin.

We are here to help! We’ve created this website to answer some of the most common questions that Ottawa homeowners ask about bathroom renovation or bathroom remodeling. We have put forward our complete pricing and to make the project easy, we have created all-inclusive packages where you don’t have to shop for anything! We can provide you with as little as labor, trades, and all rough materials, or we can provide a turn-key bathroom remodel where we supply all quality materials as well. 

Bathroom Renovation Cost in Ottawa

Most home renovations start with the question – “How much will it cost me?”. We at iBathrooms are transparent about our prices and will answer this question either in our standard prices that you can see on our website, or you can inquire about your particular project through our “Contact Us” form. Take advantage of our virtual quoting system where we will provide a quote for your project without delays or waiting for a contractor to come to your home.

free standing bath tub with blue vanity and round mirror

Bathroom renovation costs and final results often depend not only on how skilled the tradesmen are but what kind of materials are being used. After more than 15 years in business, we have settled on using only the best quality materials to waterproof your custom shower or prepare your floor for tiling. We do not believe in taking shortcuts in the quality of the materials we will use. Our goal is that after the bathroom renovation is complete, the bathroom will remain and look new and problem-free for years to come. To ensure this objective, we offer our industry-leading warranty of 3 years!

Having said that, high-end expensive bathroom renos are not the sole service that we provide. Most of the projects we do are every day, 3-piece bathrooms, where function and practicality are valued just as much as aesthetics.  

“iBathrooms solely focuses on bathroom renovations in Ottawa. We believe that to be superior in any skill or trade, we need to choose a specific field and dedicate ourselves entirely to that practice.”
Ben W.

Why Choose iBathrooms?

Renovating your bathroom is a process that has different elements to consider from beginning to end. The experience and interactions you encountered with your contractors are paramount to how you will feel and how you will view your finished project. That experience starts with your initial contact as we learn what you hope to get out of a bathroom renovation. As you will read through the pages of this website, you will see our philosophy – “we like to give a little more than we receive”. With that outlook, we want to provide everyone with added value in everything we do. From transparent prices that people can use as references in dealing with their contractors, to quick quote turnarounds, to no hidden fees, to overall straightforward customer service. 

iBathrooms invite you to look through our services and find the answers to all your questions. We have created individual pages for the most common types of bathrooms renovations, notably:

On all of those service pages, you will find information pertaining to costs and timeframes. You will also get inspired by a number of bathroom renovation ideas on those pages and in our photos gallery which we constantly update.

Last but not least, we encourage everyone to read through our FAQ section. We are updating it with the most relevant new questions and answers as they appear accordingly. 


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