Condo Bathroom Renovations

If you live in a condo in the Ottawa region, you probably know how difficult it is to get a contractor to come and work in a condo. Many contractors including plumbers, electricians and tile setters don’t want to work on condos since it’s a lot more difficult to work in, costs more and requires more time and effort. We were like that before, until we came across some wonderful people who live in condos across Ottawa, and we learned about their needs, desires and their stories. 

For some, a bathroom renovation is an aesthetic upgrade to their home and an excellent investment. For others, it is a necessity due to age, health conditions or life transition. 

We could no longer say no to condo dwellers, and now we offer condo bathroom renovation as one of our many services.

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Cost of Condo Bathroom Renovations 

Before we discuss the average cost of a bathroom renovation in a condo in Ottawa and surrounding areas, we want to address that we understand that each condo bathroom is slightly different and each project may have some variations that will influence the final cost.

Over the course of our careers in the last 15-plus years at iBathrooms, we have seen and renovated many bathrooms. This experience gives us a good foundation to understand the condo bathrooms market and to price the condo bathroom renovations properly. Our prices are not too cheap where it won’t be properly done, and not too expensive so that the renovation is unattainable for the average person. 

When pricing a condo bathroom renovation, we keep in mind that many people who are looking for this kind of renovation are older couples and individuals who have moved into condos for their convenience to older people. We keep this in mind and do our best to make sure that our retired clients or those on a fixed income can still afford to renovate their bathroom especially when this renovation is a requirement due to health and mobility issues. That being said, condo bathroom renovations are always a little more expensive than your average home bathroom renovation 

On average, renovating a condo bathroom in Ottawa will cost approximately $25,000 for labour, trades and rough materials plus your finishings, and may increase depending on the type of bathroom and the type of work required.

We have made special arrangements with all of our trades and suppliers and try to help those in need of a renovation contact us to discuss your particular needs and wants. 

Keep in mind that many bathrooms can be partially renovated to accommodate specific needs.  Keep reading below.

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Tub to Shower Conversion

As we age and our bathroom preferences and needs change, many people find themselves needing showers much more than bathtubs. We constantly receive phone calls and emails from clients who have moved into a condo, and for many reasons, they require a shower to replace their bathtub. This is where a tub-to-shower conversion comes in. Most condo bathtubs can be converted into a walk-in shower with a low threshold or no threshold at all. Roughly 30% of our bathroom renovation work is tub-to-shower conversions.

When it comes to a condo tub-to-shower conversion, keep in mind that it must be done professionally so there are no possible leaks or mistakes made. Remember, it’s not just your bathroom that’s at stake, but many other bathrooms living in the condo below you. Often, the only way to convert a tub to a shower in a condo requires an installation of a custom tile shower. We are extra careful to ensure that the shower is not only leak-proof and looks beautiful, but is also safe to use with non-slip tile on the floor and safety features on the shower threshold like grab bars, easy access, and benches as our customers may require. 

Professional Bathroom Reno Services 

From initial contact to installation to completion, our team of experienced bathroom renovators will ensure that the whole project is as stress-free and as smooth as possible. We will advise you in the following areas:

  • Lighting. You need several different types of light to meet all of your bathroom needs. From wall sconces to pot lights, and vanity lights, condo bathroom lighting and specific condo requirements for the type of lights will be taken into consideration. 
  • Fixtures. The fixtures are integral to your bathroom’s overall aesthetic, and for condo bathroom renovations, fixtures must fit into the requirements of the condo including the type of shower and exhaust fan you can have to smaller vanities and space-saving solutions – they are all part of the fixture selection for a successful condo bathroom renovation. 
  • Flooring. Flooring can be very specific in a condo bathroom renovation, from the extreme water-proofing needs and sound requirements of a condo building to non-slip tiles for the bathroom floor and custom shower floors. Our goals are the same as our condo customers – to use a reliable, safe, beautiful and cost-effective choice of tiles that will withstand the test of time.

Why Choose Us

If you’re looking for a combination of good craftsmanship, personalized customer service and peace of mind that comes from working with reputable, experienced bathroom renovators, and if you enjoy positive, upbeat and honest people, we will definitely be a good match as your bathroom contractor.  We’re looking to hear from you so we can help you with your condo bathroom renovation. 


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