Powder Room Renovation

Powder room renovation, the smallest bathroom in your home that is used the most. Welcome to the iBathrooms powder room renovation page, we have created this page to answer some of your questions about renovating your powder room in Ottawa and what most owners need to know before they start.

Powder Room Renovation in Ottawa

Each powder room is unique, but all homes have them. A powder room is also known as a 2 piece bathroom, a half bathroom, or a service room. It is essentially a bathroom containing a toilet and a vanity with or without storage. 

Powder room though the smallest is the most used bathroom in your home, many people without realizing it use the powder room at least a few times a day for some of the most basic needs. For the most part, any extended family and guests are also using a powder room when visiting your home. So it is no wonder homeowners in Ottawa want to have a clean and modern powder room. 

So how do we get that? When thinking of powder room remodel or when doing your initial powder room designs consider the following ideas. We have tried them in many powder room renovation projects in Ottawa and found the results to be outstanding.

custom bathroom vanity and large square mirror

1. Your powder room flooring 

Since this room is being used the most, it would take the most amount of abuse as well as the most amount of cleaning. Often a powder room would be located close to the entrance and people using it may wear outdoor shoes while in it. So cleaning your floors would be important.

You want that process to be as easy and safe as possible. Installing good quality tiles with proper underlayment would allow for easy cleaning and low maintenance for years to come. And while we are on the subject of flooring tile, one of the most common questions that we hear relates to the tile size.

Customers think that because the room is small, large tiles would be too big for it. It is the furthest from the truth, do not be afraid to use large-scale tiles on your powder room floor. But more on that topic to come.

2. Your powder room layout

Should I change the layout of my powder room to make it look bigger? For the most part and in the most powder rooms in Ottawa, it’s simply not possible or at least financially not very feasible if you want to keep the powder room cost down. So we stay with a simple answer, “don’t fix what’s not broken” powder room is just a service room.

And simply updating its finishings and keeping the powder room design clean and simple will do the trick.

There are many examples of beautiful powder rooms that we have completed where no layout changes were done, simple a complete overhaul of all finishings such a toilet, flooring, powder room vanity and new lights and paint completed the project and on a reasonable budget too.

white vanity double sink
beautifully renovated bathroom westboro

3. Powder Room Ideas 

What are some of the powder room ideas that we can implement to make our powder room makeover stand out? That is an excellent question and in keeping with the simple approach that we take in all of our bathroom renovations, there are few simple answers.  

Starting from paint color choices and how they work together to create a cozy ambiance. Consider an accent color for one particular wall. It’s inexpensive and brings a dramatic look to your powder room.

If you want to take it a step further, make a tile accent wall behind your powder room vanity or pedestal sink. In some powder rooms and depending on the tile choice we had great success tiling all walls. And the last thing is your choice of powder room decor. Any of these ideas can transform your average powder room renovation into a luxury powder room or a clean and modern one depending on where you want to take this. 

Powder Room Renovation Cost

What is the cost of powder room renovation? This question comes up often and is often followed by the idea that a small powder room is inexpensive to renovate. Though there is truth in that when compared to a full bathroom renovation, one should keep in mind that any bathroom that is properly renovated will have its fair cost that includes quality materials and experienced and skilled craftsmen and trades. Our powder room renovation cost starts at $8,074 for all rough materials, labor, and trades. And with all mid-grade good quality finished materials your powder room renovation cost should be right under $10,000.

“ iBathrooms solely focuses on bathroom renovations in Ottawa. We believe that to be superior in any skill or trade, we need to choose a specific field and dedicate ourselves entirely to that practice.
Ben W.

Why do I choose iBathrooms to renovate my powder room?

We are not here to blow our own trumpet, we prefer that our customers speak of their experience with our service, products, and experience. We believe in old values that if you do the work right and if you treat your customers and co-workers with respect the results will speak for themselves. We feel passionate about our work and our company. We are not the contractor for just everyone and look for clients who are like-minded to us, we speak truthfully and directly as you can see thru the pages of our site. These are the values upon which our great country was built and we continue in the footsteps of great men and women of the past in our present endeavors.


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