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Back to the Future: What the Bathroom Trends of 2023 Have in Store for Us

What will the bathroom of 2023 look like? Will we have robot assistants to help us with our daily ablutions? Or will the bathrooms of the future be a lot like the ones we have today, only with a few technological tweaks here and there? No one can say for sure. But trends in both home design and technology point to a few potential changes that might crop up in our bathrooms over the next few years. Here are a few things that we might see in the bathroom of 2023!

Glass Shower Doors, Acrylic Base Showers, Tile Base Showers, Easy Access Showers, Walk-in Showers

With so many options for designing a shower these days, it can be daunting to decide on the best one for your home. Do you go with an acrylic base shower? Tile base showers? Easy access showers? Or perhaps a grand walk-in shower? Do you want to have glass shower doors or no doors? All of these options have their qualities and appeal, but ultimately it all comes down to your own personal preference – and of course budget!

Whether you want luxury and function or affordability with style; there’s a wide range of designs out there to choose from. So which one of these options will be trading in 2023? We can’t say for certain, but the trend is certainly moving towards minimalism and doing more with less. We definitely see that more and more homeowners are looking to have curbless, easy-to-access showers with no closure whenever possible. And those who are restricted in space often choose a quality base with clean low profile shower doors.

Glass Shower Doors with Acrylic Base Shower wall
natural stone large tiled wall with free standing bath tub

More People Will Start Using Natural Stone in Their Showers and Baths for a Luxurious Look

Natural stone is quickly becoming the go-to material for a clean and elegant look in showers and baths across Ottawa. From natural marble to porcelain and ceramic tile, natural stone provides an array of options that will make any space look inviting and warm. What’s even better is natural stone’s timeless look compared to other materials.

Whether you’re installing natural stone in your shower or bathtub, you can be sure you’ll achieve a glamorous look with minimal effort. So if you’re considering replacing your current bathroom tile, why not give the natural stone a try? The size of stone tiles is getting larger and larger each year. We certainly see 2023 becoming a year where large-scale natural stone tiles will be used in bathrooms throughout Ottawa and the region.

Towel Warmers Will Become a Must-Have Item in Everyday Ottawa Bathrooms

Towel warmers are no longer a luxury item in Ottawa bathrooms – they’re becoming a necessity. During long Canadian winters, the chilly chill of a cold towel can be downright uncomfortable. Towel warmers do more than just provide warmth and comfort; they also act as stylish bathroom fixtures that enhance the look and functionality of any washroom renovation.

But beware, towel warmers must be carefully installed by an experienced electrician or you could end up causing some serious safety issues. So next time you start planning your Ottawa bathroom renovation, make sure to include Towel Warmers on your list along with all the gorgeous tiles, lighting fixtures, and decor pieces you have your eye on, after all, they are a hot and trendy item in bathrooms of 2023.

towel warmer installed in bathroom renovation
modern bathroom with Motion Sensor Faucets

Motion Sensor Faucets and Toilets Will Be the New Norm to Save Water and Energy

Motion sensor faucets and toilets are quickly becoming the new bathroom trend of 2023. Not only do these faucets and toilets use significantly less water and energy than traditional plumbing fixtures, but they also provide a futuristic feel to any modern affordable housing development. With motion-detecting faucets, homes can now put their faucet on autopilot — literally!

Toilets too will have motion sensors installed on them so that you don’t have to think about manually throwing the handle ever again. Even the iconic bidet will be fitted with specialized motion-sensing technology as well. So whether it’s faucets, toilets, or bidets, having motion sensors integrated into your everyday bathroom fixtures can result in a more efficient and interesting way of achieving your day-to-day needs and remain trendy in 2023 and long after.

Heated Floors Will Continue to Gain Popularity as People Want to Feel Warm and Cozy While They Get Ready for Their Day

Heated floors have grown increasingly popular in recent years, especially during the cold Ottawa winters. Nobody likes the feeling of chilly tile underfoot when they get ready for their day in the morning, so why not add a heated floor to your bathroom renovation? Heated floors are a great way to create a sense of comfort and coziness in your home, as well as save on heating costs throughout the winter months.

If you’re considering installing heated floors, there are many options available on the market, we in particular prefer the tried-and-true Schluter Heated Floor system for its ease of use, reliability, and cost. Heated floors have been around for a while now, but they are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in bathroom renovations in 2023

ibathroom team installing heated flooring
bathroom renovation with led lighting

LED Lighting Will Be Used More Often in Bathrooms to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Lighting is obviously one of the most important elements in a bathroom, which is why LED pot lights are increasingly becoming a popular choice among homeowners looking to light up in style. Not only do they create an incredibly calming and relaxing atmosphere, but they also come with added benefits such as energy efficiency.

Additionally, given how more and more people are opting for a more minimalist design for their bathrooms, LED lighting fits perfectly into this trend as it adds character with stylish details like recessed indirect lighting and can make even the smallest spaces look bigger. With its benefits and great looks, it’s easy to see why LED lighting is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after renovation trends for 2023.

What trends do you see becoming part of your bathroom this year? Are you looking for practical no-nonsense functionality of an everyday bathroom or does the prospect of luxury entice you to dream of beautiful finishes and fixtures?

Let us know as we would be happy to bring your new bathroom to your home this 2023.

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