General Questions

Yes, many companies do not work in hi-rise condo buildings and many have significant surcharges to do a bathroom renovation in a condo. We do work in a condo building and do our best to keep the prices down by making special arrangements with our tradesman.

A short answer to this question is yes. A bathroom renovation is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make in your Ottawa home. Most renovations do not return the same amount in the increased value of the home compared to the amount spent on a renovation project. With a bathroom renovation, for the most part for every dollar invested, the value of your home increases by the same dollar.

A typical 3-piece bathroom renovated in 2022 in Ottawa by iBathrooms would cost $19,999 including all labour, trades, and rough and finished materials. Based on many conversations we have had with both real estate professionals and home appraisals, the same bathroom would increase the value of your home by $19,000 – $21,000

If a bathroom is renovated correctly with all the right materials, you won’t need to do anything with it for at least 15 years. By then, most likely the general style will change and you may want something different. The key here is that you do not have to renovate it as long as it’s been done correctly the first time.

We have two types of quotes that we provide to our clients. An all-inclusive package, where we will supply all labour, trades, and rough materials, will give you a choice of 2-3 floor and wall tiles and 1-2 colours for the vanity and wall colours. Once you confirm that choice, we will supply all finished materials that work beautifully together. Many of our clients choose this hands-free approach, you can see them in our testimonial videos.

Another option is when a client wants to make his/her own selection of finished materials based on our recommendation and standard product guide. In that case, we will supply only rough materials and labour and trades. This option requires a little bit more work on the clients’ side as they have to carefully go over what is considered standard and what finished materials are priced for installation. After that, a client needs to visit all the suppliers and purchase those finished materials making sure the right quantity is purchased. We obviously help with what quantities our clients need.

The answer depends on your family’s needs, in general, if you have more than one bathroom in your house and have the option to have one bathroom with a tub and another bathroom in the shower, it is recommended to keep both tub and a shower, however, if you prefer taking a tub over the shower, or the other way around, go with what your preference is. Also, for some people, it is necessary to have a shower due to accessibility, or mobility issues, in that case, it is absolutely ok to convert a tub into a shower.

The answer depends on your needs and wants, in general, if you have more than one bathroom in your home and you can have one bathroom with a tub/shower combination and another one with a shower, this would allow for more versatile use as well as greater appeal to potential buyers down the road should you want to sell your home. If you only have one bathroom, you should really go by your needs more than anything, if the shower is something you use more then you should absolutely convert your tub into a shower

The answer will depend on the size, if your bathroom has enough room to accommodate a separate tub and a separate shower; if new rough-in plumbing can be installed, then absolutely yes. For those with a smaller bathroom, we usually do not recommend converting a 3-piece bathroom into a 4-piece. The worst thing you can do is make a bathroom that is so cramped it becomes unusable. 

Absolutely, as a matter of fact, we install a lot of barrier-free showers. In recent years and with an aging population, barrier-free showers become more of a necessity than a luxury. Also with advances in building technologies and materials being used, a good quality barrier-free shower is more realistic than in the past.

A barrier-free shower is also known as a curbless, accessible, walk-in, edgeless shower. The basic idea is that you do not have to step over anything to get into the shower, the floor of the bathroom simply transitions into the shower, usually the same type of tiles are installed on the floor of the shower as well as the entire bathroom floor.


We look at each customer’s needs and do our best to provide the service they can afford. many of our elderly clients do live in condos and their bathroom renovation often stems from more of a need, we understand that and do our best to keep the pricing for those clients down so that their bathroom renovation is affordable.

To answer this question we have created a separate page for Pricing and Packages, there you will be able to find the most accurate pricing for all types of bathroom renovations as well as some pre-packaged deals that we’ve put together for those of you who are looking for all-in-one turnkey bathroom renovation solution.

No. At the time of this writing, we do not offer financing for a bathroom renovation in Ottawa. We found financing is best arranged thru a client’s bank or a home line of credit, the interest is much lower and terms are a lot more flexible. Most of our clients arrange their own financing if needed.

We have created a very simple payment schedule for our bathroom renovation projects. Your project is paid for in 4 simple steps.

We will take a 13% deposit, due at the time of signing. The remaining balance is paid in 3 installments of 33%:

1. Due upon commencement of the project

2. Upon framing and water-proofing is complete

3. Upon completion of the project

You can pay by cheque or email transfer.

Our work is backed by a 3-year labour warranty.

Unfortunately no, or maybe I should say, not always. A lot of the bathroom renovation cost does not come from the size but from how many trades are involved and what features the bathroom will have. The plumber’s visit will cost the same to install a toilet in a powder room as it is in the 3-piece bathroom. Sometimes when the space is small and sizing is not standard, for example for vanity, the cost of the small bathroom renovation may even exceed the cost of a larger bathroom. But each project should be looked at individually as details matter a lot in the cost of the bathroom renovation.

Each bathroom comes with its set of features and fixtures. In most bathrooms from a small powder room to a larger 4-piece bathroom you need to bring a licensed plumber, licensed electrician, skilled and experienced tiller, painter, and cabinet installer. Each project no matter how small will cover the cost of fuel, insurance, and salaries of staff of the renovation company. Most renovation contractors in Ottawa do not price projects such as bathroom renovations by square footage but as lump-sum projects.

Unfortunately yes. Working in an older home, especially on a project such as a bathroom renovation or remodelling involves working with materials and technics that are no longer available. We essentially marry old materials and technics to new ones. The process is a lot more complex and technically difficult. Many renovation contractors will avoid working on an older property, say a 100-year-old house. Some will double if not triple the cost of the renovation. In any case, if you live in an older property, be prepared that your renovation will cost significantly more than a relatively modern counterpart.

The answer is very simple, you don’t. If somehow you have this amazing opportunity and renovate the entire bathroom for a lower price, go for it. But keep in mind, there must be a reason why something that usually costs 20K is being sold for $5,000. In most cases, to properly renovate a bathroom, with the use of licensed trades, quality materials, and good customer service, you will spend $20,000 and up.

Unfortunately, it does. Condo bathroom renovation represents a significant increase in both the cost of labour from contractors and trades as well as additional material costs such as the cost of the plumbing parts. On a personal note, we recognize that many condo dwellers especially the elderly are on a fixed budget and their bathroom renovation is more of a need than a want, with that in mind we do our best to keep the cost of the condo bathroom renovation down.

Process & Project Management

Yes, we will at some point in the process, however in order to serve our existing clients and give them time and attention we have to prioritize them over general inquiries. With that, we want to provide service to every person inquiring about a bathroom renovation. Therefore before we can commit 3 hours to visit a client’s home and have a detailed meeting, we ask for photos and bath reno details, we provide an online quote and once that quote is accepted we proceed to set up an in-house meeting.

Typically if you have provided us with all information with photos and we have had a phone conversation, your online quote will be ready and sent to you within 48 hours. In many cases, we will send your online quote to you on the same day as we had our initial phone call after we received your inquiry.

A typical 3-piece bathroom renovation can typically start in about a month and a half from the point the client accepts the quote and makes a final selection of finished materials.

The feeling is mutual, we absolutely want to meet every client in person before we commit to working in their home. This meeting serves the purpose of verifying measurements and selecting finished materials as well as making sure that both clients and contractors like each other and would be a good match to work together. If after our initial meeting, anyone is not happy with it, we terminate the quote with no questions asked, and the client is not bound to continue with the contractor.

Absolutely yes, we have created our Mobile Showroom for that exact reason. We will bring all of the materials you can choose from to your home and help you select the colours and all finishes in the comfort of your home.

  • A lot depends on the size and the scope of work for a particular bathroom renovation. In general and with standard materials such as flooring and wall tiles a 3-piece bathroom renovation takes from 1-2 weeks with work being done Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

A 4-piece bathroom renovation – a bathroom with a separate tub and separate shower, usually takes about 2.5-3 weeks.  Bathrooms with barrier-free showers, custom showers, or Schluter shower systems may take a little bit over 3 weeks.

In general, each municipality has its own stipulations as to when and for what kind of work permit is required. For bathroom renovation in Ottawa when you are not changing the layout of your bathroom, not removing or relocating structural walls the permit is not required. Remember, it’s always a good idea to check with your city building department when in doubt.

A typical 3-piece bathroom renovation with tiled flooring and tiled walls above the acrylic tub or acrylic shower base takes from 1 to 2 weeks from start to finish.

A properly renovated bathroom should last for 20 years before needing any updates. In reality, the only reason you will want to update your bathroom is that you want to change the style.

Design & Materials

Yes, we at iBathrooms have contracts with all major suppliers in the Ottawa region for all bathroom-related products. From Faucets and Shower valves to tubs and shower bases, to floor and wall tiles, we are able to recommend the right product for the right application no matter what your taste is. We are also proud to offer a Mobile Showroom service, where all of the above products are brought to your home for personal selection.

In general, depending on your taste the size of the tile can influence the overall feel of the bathroom. After doing bathroom renovations for over a decade, we found that in most cases a larger floor or wall tile makes the smaller space feel and look bigger and allows for less maintenance. We have installed 24×24” on the floor of a small 3×5 powder room with great success and customers were very happy with the final results.

Not at all, this is one of the most commonly asked questions we get. Usually, a large floor tile on the floor of the powder room will create an illusion of airiness and cleanness, the space will seem brighter and bigger

In general, yes. Mosaic tile in most applications will cost more to install both on the floor and on the wall. It requires additional preparations for the floor and additional attention to detail when installed on the walls. Mosaic tile can absolutely look stunning in the right application. But it needs to be treated with respect as it has its place and time to install. Not all mosaic tiles should be installed on the floor or walls of showers for example.

That depends on what you are trying to achieve with your bathroom renovation. If you are after esthetics and the look of your shower is more important to you than the cost or ease of maintenance, a tiled or as we call it custom shower is a great option. For those who want a good balance of cost vs practically ty, functionality, and ease of use, a combo of an acrylic base and tiled walls is a great tried and true shower system.

Yes, but be careful, try to stick with the name brands such as Moen, Delta, etc. There are many no-name brands that attract clients with fancy looks and good prices. It is important that your fixtures are supported in the long run. You do not want to find that in a couple of yours, you need to replace a cartridge or a plumbing part and this manufacturer is no longer in business

A lot depends on the intended applications, some tiles are better for wet areas, while others are more recommended for backsplashes or dry areas of your home. In general, mand-made porcelain and ceramics are better for bathrooms, while natural stones such as marble, quartz, or granite while still often used in a bathroom setting require a lot more attention and maintenance. 

Also, the place where the tile is made makes the difference, European tiles are usually of better quality than their American or Chinese counterparts

While granite is a beautiful stone and is a common choice for countertops including the ones you find in bathrooms, granite being a natural stone requires a lot more care and maintenance to be a long-lasting product.

Similar to granite quartz requires a lot more maintenance to be used in a bathroom environment. Notwithstanding the above, quartz is a beautiful stone and can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

Yes, porcelain being a man-made product is an excellent choice for a bathroom countertop, it is low maintenance and has a beautiful look to it. Many modern bathrooms use porcelain countertops as a way to make the bathroom look clean and airy.

Also, being a man-made product, poly marble has become a very popular choice in Canada for bathroom countertops. It is very affordable, it looks clean and modern and it blends well with many different bathroom styles and tile choices. You can see many poly marble countertops in many of the jobs we post on our website. Feel free to look thru our gallery and you will see many samples.

Not as common as poly marble or porcelain, laminate countertops have their place in bathroom renovations. If you are looking for the most durable, most cost-effective, and do not mind a drop-in sink, laminate countertops are excellent options for your bathroom renovation

Special Requests

No, to properly renovate a tub shower combo, you need to remove all tiles up to the ceiling and remove all the substrate to studs. A new tub can be properly installed and secured with the proper waterproofing connection between the tub and waterproofing boards. There are many contractors who will remove one to two rows of tile, remove the tub and install new tiles, but it is one of the most common causes of leaks and we strongly discourage clients from doing that.

There are two main reasons why your tiles will be coming off the wall. 1st they were not properly installed in the first place, in which case your tub or shower would be unusable from day 1. Second, your substrate is rotten and needs to be replaced with a proper tile backer that is both secure and waterproof. If your wall tiles are starting to come off, its time to renovate your entire shower.

The short answer is No, but each case differs, in most cases the plumbing for the tub is right under the tub and not underneath the concrete floor slab, with that your shower drain must be right by the wall and most stock shower bases will have an offset drain. Basically, most acrylic shower bases will not work in a condo application, and a custom-tiled shower is the only proper solution. However, there are some exceptions to the rule that needs to be looked at individually.

Yes, as long as the relocation is done within the joist bay or if the ceiling below would allow for either a bulkhead or some way to accommodate the drain pipe that would be now under the joists. Often, relocation of the toilet is both difficult and expensive and sometimes cost prohibitive. But as with many other things, each bathroom renovation is so slightly different and needs to be looked at individually.

If the floor of the condo is concrete the answer is No. Also, many condo buildings especially hi-rise buildings have restrictions on plumbing relocations, not only of the toilet but all plumbing fixtures, such as tubs, showers, and vanities.