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10 Bathroom Shower Ideas in 2024

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to hit the refresh button on your bathroom, then this is the perfect place to start. As Ottawa’s best bathroom contractors, the team at iBathroom is always at the forefront of bathroom shower renovations and trends to make sure that our clients are on the cutting edge of bathroom fixtures, tiles, technologies and layouts. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best bathroom shower ideas for 2024 from the optimal shower configurations, the finest materials for vanities, innovative storage solutions and so much more.

Install a Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure for a Modern Look

Nothing brightens up a bathroom and brings it into the 21st Century more than a frameless glass shower. Minimal materials mean maximum natural light and the appearance of more open space.

A frameless glass shower is perfect for smaller bathrooms where square footage is a premium. It’s not ideal for families with small kids, but the frameless glass shower is a timeless design that’s appropriate for nearly every shower enthusiast out there.

bathroom reno with framless glass shower enclosure
renovating with shelf for more storage with marble tiled wall

Add a Tiled Bench or Shelf for Convenience and Storage

Suppose you want a classy and minimalist look in your modern shower. In that case, while avoiding a cluttered look with after-market storage solutions such as tension rod shelves, there is a perfect and elegant solution. A tiled bench in your shower is the ultimate way to store your shower essentials.

Stash them on top or underneath the bench for easy access and organization. The bench also doubles as a convenient, spa-like experience to help you relax and enjoy your shower. It also provides greater accessibility as the homeowner age.

Incorporate Multiple Shower Heads for a Spa-like Experience

Here’s an amazing idea for your ensuite shower. You’ve heard of his and hers sinks but what about his and hers shower heads? More homeowners are opting to install two shower heads in the same bathroom so couples can share an efficient and intimate shower experience without having someone left out in the cold!

It feels like a supreme luxury without costing you a lot of money. Ask your bathroom designer at iBathrooms if your shower configuration and plumbing system can handle multiple showerhead installations.

bath tub with two shower heads and black marble counter top vanity
mosaic tiles check board

Use Mosaic Tiles for an Eye-catching Design

Nothing beats that classic white-and-black checkerboard pattern we’ve come to universally love in bathroom designs, but branching out into different types of tile patterns can dramatically improve the look of your space.

Mosaic tile designs allow you to play with different colours and shapes to create something truly unique and memorable for all of your guests.

Convert your Bathtub to a Walk-in Shower 

If you have an old bathtub but rarely take baths, you might want to consider converting your tub into a walk-in shower. It will make the bathroom look more modern, give the illusion of having more space and make your bathroom more accessible as you age.

Depending on your target market, walk-in showers have also been known to increase resale value and gain interest from prospective buyers.

bath tub to shower conversion
rain shower head in shower room reno

Add a Rain Shower Head for a Refreshing Touch

It’s time to bring your shower experience to the next level. If you want a refreshing experience in your bathroom then you should consider a rain shower head. Instead of being huddled up against the wall trying to wash the shampoo out of your hair, you can stand right in the middle of the stall and let the hot water rain down all over your body.

If you want that spa-like experience for your bathroom renovation then this is the right feature for you to discuss with your master bathroom contractor at iBathrooms.

Incorporate a Steam Shower for a Relaxing Experience

A steam shower is like having your sauna in your home. Imagine after a tiring workout, you get to sit in your shower and let the steam envelop your body, opening up your pores and helping you recharge before flipping the switch to the real shower.

Steam showers are a great selling feature if you’re looking to achieve a higher resale value on your home.

bathroom installed with steam shower
walk-in shower with tiled flooring

Use Natural Stone, such as Marble or Granite, for a More Natural Earth Look

We’ve all seen a beautiful granite countertop that acts as the star attraction of a beautiful kitchen, but beautiful stones like granite and marble can also make great materials for a bathroom. Consider granite shower tiles or a marble vanity to make your space look elegant and attractive.

Of course, this will increase the cost of your bathroom renovation, but these fine materials last forever and are virtually guaranteed to net you nearly 100% returns if you decide to sell in the future.

Install a Corner Shower to Save Space in a Smaller Bathroom

If you’re tight on space but you still need a shower in your bathroom design, you may want to consider a corner shower. Instead of a typical square or rectangle, the corner shower utilizes a triangular shape to maximize space. And just because it’s small, that doesn’t mean your shower design has to be boring.

Use your favourite materials or make a dark-looking shower that stands out from the rest of your white and bright bathroom. When you work with iBathrooms team of designers, there are no limits to what we can achieve together.

corner shower room with glass enclosure
subway tiled wall with vintage border

Add a Built-in Soap Dish or Shower Caddy for Convenience

Looking for a shower reno? While walk-in showers are generally amazing, they often fail to have any spot for the user to keep their soaps, scrubbers, and razors. But there is a simple and elegant solution to this problem.

We can incorporate a recessed wall shelf into your walk-in shower so you don’t have to store all of your stuff on the floor and risk a slipping hazard. You can also have a recessed shelf installed just outside the shower to hold toiletries and towels.

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