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Ensuite Bathroom Ideas: Real-Life Case Studies

Having awesome master ensuite bathroom ideas is a great foundation to start your bathroom renovation. Executing those ideas seamlessly and masterfully, now that’s next level. With iBathrooms, you can have both.

“When you can control various aspects of the project you’re going to get a great result,” Ben W., iBathrooms general manager, said. “This is where we shine. We deliver skilled labour.”

Project after project, the iBathrooms team shows homeowners what is possible when you have the right contractor. So today, we’re peeling back the curtain and giving you a front-row seat to see how iBathrooms has used creative ensuite bathroom ideas and excellent craftsmanship to completely transform master bathrooms across Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

Here are some of the outstanding work the team has done on recent projects.

Timeless Spa Bathroom Ideas

In this bathroom reno project, iBathrooms was tasked with updating this four-piece master bathroom and turning it into a breathtaking spa bathroom for retired homeowner John Ray.

John had intended on completing the project as a DIY project, but after demolishing part of the bathroom, realized that the task at hand was more overwhelming than he’d initially anticipated. A big part of the problem with the old design was the tub.

“The customer had this huge drop-in tub with a tub deck,” iBathrooms explains. “Lots of tile around, making it very difficult to get in.”

The team removed the tub deck and alcove and replaced it with a spa soaker tub that provides a fresh clean look. 

“Our design suggestion was to keep things balanced, so the tub that they already had was perfect to install right in the middle, leaving some usable space on the right and on the left of the tub.”

The small corner shower was replaced with a modern shower, large porcelain floor tiles were installed, and the walls were painted.

The LED mirror lights contribute to the ambiance of the room, and the drawers in the vanity help keeps things organized.

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Modern bathroom spa decor ideas like adding plants and a wooden spa tray to introduce natural elements to your bathroom works well for this space.

Inject some colour but keep it to a minimum to avoid too much of a dramatic effect.

“iBathrooms completed our bathroom in Ottawa and we are both very happy,” John said. “The work was completed on time, on budget, and the craftsmanship was excellent.”

Timeless Spa Bathroom Ideas
luxury ensuite bathroom ideas

Modern Black and White Bathroom Decor

This modern spa bathroom renovation project handled by the iBathrooms team involved updating all three bathrooms in the home – a powder room, kid’s bathroom, and master bath. This required strategic planning.

“When we do all three bathrooms together, it’s a big disruption to your daily life,” the project manager explains. “So our challenge was how do we do all this while the customer is still living at the house?”

Another challenge was getting all the materials to complement the design of each bathroom. After the customer selected the materials, iBathrooms began with a tub-to-shower conversion in the kid’s bathroom. They opted for a large tile for the floor and white vanity. The shower base was built out of acrylic and tiled walls, saving the customer about $3,000.

Those savings were put into upgrading the tile in the master bathroom. The customer chose a small tile size (3 x 6), which did wonders for the space and gave it a spa bathroom feel.

“We tiled the entire wall on the side of the tub,” Ben W. explains. “This made a rather small shower look significantly bigger and the design flows way better.”

The master bathroom features all-black matching fixtures and faucets, including the shower door frame. This consistency gives the bathroom a nice flow.

Another use of consistency is the length of the mirror and the vanity, which displays an excellent use of proportion.

The client, Patrick, was pleased with the outcome.

“I want to thank Yuri and the entire iBathrooms team for completing a fantastic job on the renovation of our bathrooms,” he said. “They did an amazingly detailed and fantastic job, and we will recommend them many times over.”

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Stunning White and Grey Bathroom

For this renovation, the clients knew exactly what they wanted and had already purchased most of the materials, except the tiles. Their concern was finding the right team to install everything correctly. The challenge for the iBathrooms team was a tight deadline as the client had an upcoming vacation planned. The drop-in tub and deck took up a significant portion of the bathroom and the shower was very small.

“The solution for the redesign was removing a non-load bearing partition wall between the tub and the shower, and removing the drop-in tub with the built-in  tile deck,” the project manager explained.

Replacing the outdated tub and deck with a floor-mounted tub is one of the spa bathroom ideas that makes this bathroom a stunner.

The team also changed the window covering and moved the toilet for better use of the space. Swapping out the vanity for a white option with a linen shelf creates more storage. The clients opted for a combination of large grey and white bathroom tiles for the walls and floor to create a beautiful modern bathroom. Adding a glass enclosure to the shower opens up the bathroom and emphasizes the linear design. The new shower floor basin is easier to clean and matches the colour of the wall tile.

Allan Duncan and his wife were extremely happy with the final result.

“The iBathrooms team did an excellent job,” Allan said. “They kept the project on budget and on time. The few little fixes were fixed up with a smile, and we are completely happy with this team. They are an all-star bunch.”

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas
standing tub bathroom renovation

Turn up the Charm with a Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom

The goal for this project was to create a bathroom with a mid-century modern design. The client already had the vanities for the countertops, but needed some ideas on what to do with the shower because the base was not secure and was leaking.

“The initial job was pretty poorly done,” Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the team encountered projects like this. 

The team installed an acrylic shower base, which is durable and easy to maintain. Due to the feel of the house, the client chose subway tile for the shower.

“And we didn’t just stop at tiling the shower area,” Ben explains. “We tiled two side walls – the front wall and the side wall. The total was 1,600 subway tiles.”

The continuity of the subway tiles makes the space appear larger.

The second challenge was that the customer wanted to preserve the pine floor, which is not ideal flooring for a bathroom. But given the unique nature of the project, the iBathroom team found a workaround, which was repainting the floor to give it some protection against water.

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Two vanity sinks were installed for the two children who use the bathroom. The navy blue colour is bold but does not overpower the room. The pop of colour adds a nice touch against the matte black fixtures – including a stylish chandelier – and the white floor.

A free-standing spa tub that was already there just needed some touch-up work to complete this modern farmhouse bathroom.

“This project is probably one of my favourite because of the how different the house is,” Ben declares.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Loaded with Vintage Charm

Creating a unique vintage bathroom was the vision of this renovation project. The client had a specific vision and had purchased all of the materials by the time iBathrooms signed onto the project. As per standard procedure, the iBathrooms team verified that the quality and size of the materials were appropriate for the task.

“Our suggestion was to add a horizontal border in the shower, which makes things look tremendous.”

The vanity is a Wayfair product that came as a package with the farmer sink.

The challenge with this project was that the pattern of the vintage tiles caused some complexity, and installation had to be done very carefully to ensure that no cracks or leaks formed later on down the road.

Given the additional time and care required for tile installation, the site supervisor said the installation cost was higher than their standard pricing.

“This is not a stock bathroom. This is not a bathroom for which we have a price on the website,” the manager explains. “This is an upgrade. When you look at the floor tile, when you look at the wall tile and the pattern of the tile on the border and floor, this is something the customer paid $3,000 – $4,000 extra for all the tile work.”

Other features in this bathroom include an apron sink paired with a vintage widespread faucet that embodies the farmhouse look. The vanity has a rich deep, brown wood that reflects the era. The sliding shower door makes the bathroom look more spacious and adds a modern touch.

“This is where the form, which is the beauty, precedes the function. It’s a vintage bathroom that looks like it came from the last century but it’s a brand new, well-executed bathroom.”

subway tile with vanity vintage design

Final Thoughts

Before starting any bathroom renovation, we can’t emphasize enough to gather ensuite bathroom ideas and research versatile bathroom contractors who have the creativity to bring your ensuite bathroom ideas to life. When it comes to Ottawa ensuite bathroom renovations, iBathrooms is the top choice. 

Call us today to bring your dream bathroom to life!

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