Is Laundry Room Makeover Worth It?

Are Laundry Room Makeovers Worth It?

Let’s face it: no one wakes up elated to do laundry. But here’s something to be excited about a laundry room makeover that revitalizes the room and adds tremendous value to your lifestyle and home. 

Older homes often have ill-designed laundry rooms that make you dread doing laundry. If your laundry room is outdated, consider renovating it in a way that improves efficiency, convenience, and appeal.

This article will highlight some reasons why updating your laundry room is worth the investment and explore some laundry makeover ideas you should consider when updating your laundry room.

Why Laundry Rooms Matter More Than You Think

Laundry is an essential chore that is critical to the functioning of your household. And working in a dull, crammed, and unattractive laundry room can put a damper on your mood. With so much time spent sorting, washing, and folding your clothes, there’s something to be said about finding ways to brighten up the space and make the laundry process more convenient and enjoyable.

All it takes is some great laundry storage ideas, and a few other creative touch-ups here and there to elevate your mood, improve your laundry experience, and create a more functional laundry room.

We’ll share an example of how this worked perfectly for a small laundry room makeover the iBathrooms team recently completed in Ottawa.

Cracking the Laundry Room Dilemma

For this laundry room renovation, the client wanted to update their existing laundry room and revive the space.

She wasn’t looking to make any changes to the layout of the room, so this qualified as a simple laundry room renovation.

Her priorities were increasing her laundry room storage, improving the functionality of the room, and giving it a nice, updated look.

Laundry Room Makeover Revival

Our strategy was to implement a series of small changes that would have a huge impact on the look of the room and its functionality. To address the client’s need for more storage, we replaced her old cabinets and installed additional cabinets on the back wall. This provided ample storage for her. The client wanted more room for the laundry sink, which would make the room more functional. So we installed a slightly larger one.

For aesthetics, we added tiles to the backsplash to create some detail and texture, replaced the countertop, and painted the room white. We kept everything else in the laundry room the same as requested by the client. The project took about two-and-a-half weeks to complete, and the customer is completely satisfied with the results. The laundry room makeover before and after photos reveal just how impactful a few changes can be.

So, Are Laundry Room Makeovers Worth It?

There’s no question that renovating your laundry room is an investment that pays off. Time spent in your laundry room can be more enjoyable with a functional and stylish laundry room you love. Upgrade your laundry experience and add value to your home with a laundry room renovation handled by iBathrooms.

To get started, get in touch with us today, and let’s transform your laundry room!

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