Transforming a Vintage Bathroom into a Modern Bathroom Design

Transforming a Vintage Bathroom into a Modern Bathroom Design

There is something to be said about the character that vintage bathrooms offer a home. However, we cannot deny the appeal of a modern bathroom. An old bathroom can look dated and may not always accommodate the lifestyle needs of the family.

With the right modern bathroom d├ęcor ideas, you can update your vintage bathroom into a breathtaking modern bathroom. We helped a homeowner do this in a recent Ottawa bathroom makeover.

In this article, we’ll discuss our approach to the project and how we transformed the bathroom into a stunning modern bathroom design.

Before: the Vintage Bathroom

The project was a three-piece bathroom renovation on the east end of Ottawa. The bathroom looked like a typical 70s bathroom and not much had been changed since then. It featured a drop-in tub with a large deck surrounding the tub.

This retro bathroom also had plenty of tan and cream-coloured wall panels, making it look cluttered and busy. The panels were outdated and the bathroom needed a modern touch.

The Proposal: Modern Bathroom Design

Our plan was to remove the features in the bathroom that no longer worked functionally or aesthetically and redesign the bathroom into a modern and elegant one. We wanted to make the bathroom more spacious for the client and explored various modern bathroom design ideas to achieve this goal.

We also wanted to create some additional storage space. The client was very specific about the idea she had for the new bathroom and our job was to recreate a new bathroom that matched her vision. We also planned to replace the flooring, re-tile the wall, and replace the vanity.

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The Demolition: Vintage Bathroom No More

The first thing we did was remove the drop-in tub and the large drop-in deck around the tub. Doing this alone opened up a significant amount of space in the bathroom. We installed a wide alcove (36 inches x 60 inches) with a beautiful Bella wall tile. With the additional space created by removing the drop-in tub, we installed an open shelving unit. Initially, we considered installing a linen tower instead, but that would have closed up the area, which was the opposite of what we were trying to achieve. We moved the toilet slightly, by about a foot, and removed the linen tower. This gave us enough room to install a new 48-inch vanity, which replaced the poorly designed L-shaped vanity.

We faced a challenge when the stock vanity the client had chosen became unavailable while she was deciding on materials. She had her heart set on that particular vanity and was disappointed to learn that it had become unavailable during the material selection process. So, we reached out to our custom cabinet supplier and had them build a custom vanity that matched the one our client had wanted.

Updating Vintage Bathrooms into Stunning Modern Design 

Key Takeaways

With the right bathroom design ideas, updating an old bathroom is a rewarding project. For a successful result:

  • Determine what your goals are
  • Remember that small changes go a long way
  • Decide on your materials early on
  • Make the most use of the space
  • Find ways to create extra storage room

iBathrooms is happy to help you transform your old bathroom into a modern bathroom design.

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