Nepean Bathroom Renovation 4 piece to 3 piece

This was an amazing project and we are so happy to share the results and before and after photos of this job. 

The clients contacted us because they could not use the bathtub, after a while it started to leak and the insurance company sent the contractors who opened up the ceiling and fixed the plumbing but the tub was still leaking. At that point, the clients decided that it might be worth renovating the entire bathroom, and since they were not using a free-standing corner shower, the idea of having more countertop space and storage by means of a linen tower was appealing. 

The project involved the entire gut of the bathroom to studs, a new 36” free-standing tub with the large scale tiles above the tub, on most of the walls as well as the floor of the bathroom. Interestingly, we have selected two types of tiles, the photos may not show this, but the flooring tiles are the same color but mate for a better grip, and the wall tiles are glossy.

The project took 3 weeks to complete, but we have a few small custom items such as a custom mirror that we had to wait for a few more weeks after most of the bathroom renovation was completed. 

We want to thank everyone who was involved with this project and specifically

Art, Darryl, and Danny with Summir Drains and Plumbing for their dedication, attention to detail, and professionalism in completing the plumbing of this bathroom.

Anatoliy with Skull Electric for his help and support with doing all of the electrical work for this project.

Richard from Boone Plumbing for helping us with most of the finished materials 

Arpit, Andrew, and Naluka from Euro Tile and Stone for their help and support with tiles and all of the tile-related products.  

All the staff of the Ottawa office of Richelieu for their help in ordering and selecting the hardware for this project 

Alex with iBathrooms for his hard work, skills, and attention to detail in completing this beautiful bathroom. 

And above all, we would like to thank our customers, who preferred to remain anonymous but you will see their wonderful reviews on our Google profile for their patience during the renovation process and for their trust in iBathrooms with their bathroom renovation. 

Thank you all

iBathrooms team

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