Partial Bathroom Renovation

Partial Bathroom Renovation

Leaking Shower Replacement

Sometimes we get a phone call from a customer who recently moved into their new home just to discover that their bathroom bathtub or as in this case master bathroom shower was leaking.

Unfortunately, it’s not that uncommon and often happens because previous renovators did not pay attention to waterproofing or proper plumbing installation. 

In this particular case, our customer could not use the shower as it was leaking. We found that the shower base did not have the tile flange and after the silicon that was holding the water inside the shower gave in and the shower started to leak.

The solution was simply to replace the shower base and tiles up to the ceiling. This was what we call a partial bathroom renovation that only consisted of shower and tiled walls.

We have replaced the shower base, new water-proofing of the walls, new wall tiles, new shower valve with a separate hand-held, and new sliding shower glass doors. We have also installed a Schluter corner shelf as well as a 20×14 inset niche with a Schluter shelf.

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