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Modern Bathroom Renovation with Classic Touch

It is not often that you are given free rain to do whatever comes to mind and be in total control over the project you are in charge of. And, when renovation projects like these come along, you are not only empowered to let your creativity soar but you are also tasked with the responsibility to deliver to your clients, who have put their trust in your taste and experience as a contractor and interior designer. 

Don’t get me wrong, at no point in my professional career as a bathroom contractor did I ever pretend to be an interior designer, but your clients do seek your advice in that area and in one way or another view you as such. 

With all of that being said, the task lies ahead, we at iBathrooms were given the role of a contractor with the ability to implement whatever design features we saw fit to turn this average Kanata bathroom into the space our clients would fall in love with again, and again, and again. 

As an unspoken rule, we had to remember to stay within the bathroom renovation budget and not blow it on fancy accessories that are so easy to spend money on these days.

With that we have selected functional and beautiful tiles that we’ve used for both floor and walls, it has a clean and modern vibe to it and complements so well with a custom vanity that our local custom cabinet shop so elegantly crafted specifically to fit this bathroom project. 

The choice of low profile acrylic base was obvious, you can’t beat the cost savings and ease of maintenance of a good acrylic base, and the ease of access to a shower like this is also a big plus.

We have decided to remove the non-load barring partition wall that separated an old tub/shower combination and replace it with a clean shower glass enclosure with a 36” side glass panel. It opens the space up and creates an impression of a much bigger bathroom.

But something was missing, all of the above are our standard approach to most modern bathroom renovations with tub-to-shower conversions. We had this wall space that was empty and bagging to do something with it. 

Here comes the classical style.

The wall panels have been an integral part of home decor for centuries, they have made an impact on so many styles and spaces, you’ve seen them in big rooms of museums and grand theatres, to cozy family rooms at your parent’s home. 

The choice was clear, we were going to install wall panels and give this otherwise modern bathroom and touch of a classic style. 

Let me be clear, this took a little bit of time to get this done right, from measurements, and layout, to installation, and painting prep work, to caulking, and caulking of all seams and corners, and don’t let me forget the painting. It certainly added some time to the project, but I think in the end, it was worth it. Most importantly, our clients LOVE it. And this is the biggest reward of all. 

We always thank everyone who took part in this beautiful bathroom project.

And above all, we thank our clients for their trust and patience.

And now, we keep moving forward…

Ben W. 

iBathrooms creative team

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