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Affordable Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa

Can I have a quality bathroom renovation and still make it affordable?

This is a common question that is on the minds of many homeowners in Ottawa and across Canada, especially in 2024. In the last few years with the aftermath of COVID-19 and the economy taking a downturn, many Canadians are feeling the pinch, and sparing extra money to renovate a bathroom becomes more and more challenging for many families. But sometimes you have to renovate, whether your bathroom developed a leak and can not be used in its current state, or you need to update it as you are planning to sell your house, some bathroom renovations can not be postponed and need to be done in the current state of the market.

So how do you renovate your bathroom on a budget so to speak?

Let’s first clear something right out of the gate, bathroom renovations can be expensive. There are many moving parts, materials, and specialty trades, and you do not want to skip on quality materials or hire inexperienced trades, you want to renovate your bathroom once and enjoy it for years to come, or sell the house knowing that you have done a good job and the extra money the buyers will pay for the renovated bathroom will not be a waste for them. This bathroom is an excellent example of how to renovate your bathroom on a budget and make it more affordable than it could have been.

Here are some practical tips that we have implemented on this project to make it affordable:

  • Keep the existing layout and don’t change the placement of your plumbing fixtures. When you have a tub, replace it with a new tub that is installed in the same location with the same drain placement. Keep the location of the toilet, keep the location of the vanity. Changing plumbing locations will contribute to higher bathroom renovation costs, so keeping all of them in their place will help you save on bathroom renovation.
  • Purchase quality materials from a reputable reseller but avoid special order items or fancy stuff. For this bathroom renovation, we have supplied in-stock materials from supplier BathDepot (put a non-follow link open in a new window for BD). From the vanity and a two-sink linen tower, Quality marble countertop, bathtub, toilet, mirror, and a light fixture. These are quality materials that are functional, beautiful, and reasonably priced. They come in standard sizing, which allows your bathroom contractor to install them quickly and with less effort, which again results in savings for you, the homeowner.
  • Choose tiles that are not too big, and not too small, and avoid elaborate patterns. This suggestion kind of goes together with our previous point, most tile installers, will charge premiums for setting mosaic tiles, or large format tiles. You really don’t need to go that route if you want to make your bathroom reno affordable. Selecting 12×24 or 24×24 inch tiles and choosing straight or staggered patterns will result in cost savings for you. 
  • And lastly, this has been said many times, pay for your labor once. Do not choose the cheapest contractor, you will get what you pay for, find a reputable bathroom contractor and pay for their quality work once.

If you look through the photos of this project, it looks great, this is not a fancy bathroom, this is an everyday bathroom that all Canadians who are looking to renovate their bath should have. We are very grateful to have participated in creating this beautiful, functional, and most importantly affordable bathroom for our clients. We are very thankful for their patience and trust and their positive review is a testament that if we all do the best we can for our clients, we can make our country a better place than it was before us.

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