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Condo Bathroom Renovation in Nepean

This project, like many other condo tub-to-shower conversion requests we get, was born more out of necessity rather than desire. Our customer reached out to us with the need to transform her bathtub into a shower due to the health need for easy access. As many of you may know when you live in an older condo building most bathrooms used to come with a combo of alcove bathtub and tiled walls above. As we get older and want to continue using our bathrooms fully, tubs are not the best or easiest thing to get into and use.

In a newer building, it’s not a problem as many newer condos are already designed to have a shower, not the older ones. To correct this, many people are looking to convert their old bathtubs into showers. This project is a prime example of how to properly do so, It’s to build a custom tiled shower with the shower drain going into the exact location of the tub drain, which would be by either left or right sides of the shower. To do so properly we used the Schluter shower system family of products and specifically the Schluter linear drain, which you can see in the photos. This allowed us to bring the drain straight to the shower wall. This provides both excellent looks and function. Using the Schluter curb we were able to adjust the height of the shower ledge to allow the customer as easy access as possible. The floor is tiled with non-slip tiled and the walls are tiled with glossy and easy-to-maintain tiles.

As always we’d like to give credit to:

  • Bogdan of iBathrooms for excellent work
  • Art of Summit Drain and Plumbing of Ottawa for his knowledge and prompt response
  • Andrew and Arpit of EuroTile and Stone of Ottawa for supplying us with all of the tiles and all of the Schluter products
  • Davin and Jordan of Bath Depot of Ottawa for helping us with the glass doors and plumbing hardware.

Thank you everyone for making this project come thru.

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