Barrhaven 4-Piece Modern Bathroom

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4-Piece Modern Bathroom

A very typical 4 piece bathroom in need of a refresh. The customer wanted to replace the aging and hard-to-use drop-in tub with a more modern free-standing bathtub and a larger open-concept shower. The project took 3 weeks to complete and consisted of a full demolition, installation of an Acrylic base shower with large-scale tiles for the walls, large 24×24 inch floor tiles, a free-standing bathtub, and a combo vanity linen tower.

Our thanks go to BathDepot of Merrivile (Ottawa) for providing the customer with quality products, Specifically Jordan, Robert, and Davon for their incredible product knowledge and customer service.

Art, Derry, l and Danny of Summit Drain and Plumbing for their hard work and help with roughing the plumbing fixtures and installing all of the finishes. Bogdan with iBathrooms for an incredible level of craftsmanship and attention to details. Tolik with Skall Electric for his support in installing all electrical fixtures.

Above all, thank you to the home-owner for their trust and patience and for leaving us this amazing review.


iBathrooms Team

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