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Creating a Family-Friendly Bathroom: Safety and Accessibility Tips

One of the best things you can do when planning your bathroom renovation is to consider who will be using this space. This will allow you to incorporate accessibility features that will serve your family and friends well into the future. In fact, many homeowners will quickly discover that accessibility features can improve the resale value of your home with potential buyers who will spend extra money to avoid future renovations. Bathroom safety features can address a wide range of accessibility issues, from mobility to fall prevention. These are some helpful suggestions to help you create a more accessible bathroom.

Non-Slip Flooring and Mats

One of the most common reported bathroom accidents is slips and falls. These can lead to broken bones and even further disability. Installing non-slip flooring and mats will reduce the chances of slips and falls, by creating a stronger grip on the floor and helping absorb water. Non-slip vinyl flooring is an excellent and affordable option.

Grab Bars and Handrails

Even the strongest person can fall in the tub or shower. Grab bars and handle rails strategically placed in your bathroom can help reduce the risk of injury, making it safer to move around your bathroom.

non-slip Brown tiles flooring and grab bars
bathroom renovation with adjustable shower heads

Adjustable Shower Heads

An adjustable shower head makes it easier for people with limited mobility to stay clean and comfortable. The shower head can be positioned to suit sitting or standing in the shower. It can also be removed so that people who feel more comfortable sitting can customize their experience.

Raised Toilet Seats

As we age, it can become more difficult to move around. A raised toilet seat makes it easier to stand up. Paired with a grab bar or handrails, this combination can help reduce the risk of injury when using the bathroom. Raised toilet seats can be customized to a height that is most comfortable for your needs.

Wider Doorways and Hallways

Mobility devices often require a lot of space to get around. This is why widening doorways and hallways is so effective in creating a more accessible space. A contractor will work with you to define the right amount of space your devices will need, as well as any additional aids such as electronic door openers or ramps.

Lever-Style Faucets

Many people with mobility issues have trouble using their hands and feet. That’s what makes a traditional turn-style faucet difficult. Using a lever style means the water can be turned on with the hands, arms, or elbows with ease, making it a more practical solution for people with mobility issues.

lever style faucets with wide doorway
bright lightning and step stool for kids renovation

Bright Lighting for Visibility

If you are living with someone with a vision disorder, you may find they have difficulty navigating in the dark. Brighter lighting can quickly make moving around the home easier and more comfortable. This is also a handy solution for families with young children who may not feel comfortable moving around the home in the dark at night.

Step Stools for Kids

Want to make the morning or nighttime routine easier with your kids? Adding step stools to your bathroom makes brushing teeth and washing faces easier. They are also a great solution for kitchen spaces, allowing kids to be a part of meal creation and encouraging them to try new foods. It also teaches them to be ‘helpers’ and makes them more willing to participate in household chores.

Shower Seating and Walk-In Tubs for Those with Mobility Issues

We mentioned earlier that some people find it more comfortable to sit in the bath or shower. Shower seating and walk-in tubs make getting around the bathroom easier and safer thanks to eliminating barriers, and allowing for greater independence and comfort when using the bathroom.

Anti-Scald Devices for Faucets

Faucets aren’t always easy to navigate for people with mobility issues, they can also be a burn risk. Water can get hot quickly, resulting in burns and injuries. Anti-scalding devices in taps in the bathroom can help reduce burn risks and create a safer space for your loved ones.

foldable bench with walk in tubs for elderly accessible


If you are ready to create a more accessible bathroom, contact the experts at iBathrooms. Our team of professional contractors has the knowledge and experience to create accessible spaces that are both functional and stylish, so you can maintain a modern aesthetic in your home. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote on your accessibility project.

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