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Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Design

Even if the members of your household do not have mobility challenges right now, it’s still a good idea to make your bathroom accessible. An injury or surgery could temporarily limit one’s mobility. And if you plan to live in your home for the rest of your life, planning for a time when mobility may be a concern due to age is smart to do now.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

An accessible bathroom increases the function and safety of your bathroom. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make all the difference and drastically improve the quality of life for your household.

Some ways to make your bathroom more wheelchair-friendly include:

  • Expanding your entrance – wheelchairs need wider entryways. Expand the width of your doorway so a wheelchair can fit through with ease.
  • Eliminate any barriers – walk through your bathroom and remove barriers that make it difficult for someone in a wheelchair to maneuver their way around in the bathroom. The positioning of the features in your bathroom should be convenient and allow for easy access.
wheelchair accessible bathroom
Installed grab bars with automatic lighting and non slip flooring
  • Install grab bars – find areas in your bathroom to strategically place grab bars for additional support. Some common areas for grab bars are beside the toilet and in the shower.
  • Automatic lighting – turning light switches on and off can be challenging for someone in a wheelchair. Install automatic lighting to eliminate the need to reach for switches.
  • Non-slip flooring – since the bathrooms have many moist areas, slips and falls are a very common occurrence. Make your bathroom safer by installing non-slip flooring.

Wheelchair Accessible Shower

Getting in and out of the shower can be challenging if you have mobility issues. Even if you don’t, making your shower as safe as possible benefits your household. Consider installing a walk-in shower and removing any curbs someone can trip on. Other ideas for an accessible shower include:

  • Create a wider shower entrance – it should be wide enough for someone in a wheelchair to enter and exit easily.
  • Go without the shower door – having to open and close a shower door can create additional challenges so we suggest eliminating one altogether.
  • Non-slip floor – this is of utmost importance. Use a flooring option in your bathroom that has a coarse surface and is non-slip.
  • Install good lighting – increased visibility within your shower can prevent accidents.
Wheelchair Accessible Shower

Here is an example of a typical wheelchair-accessible shower in Stittsville.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink

Your sink should be accessible to someone in a wheelchair. Consider implementing the following:

  • Wheelchair-accessible sink mounting – Make the sink more accessible by mounting the sink, mirror, and any cabinets in the surrounding space.
  • Install accessible features – install accessible faucets and drawer pulls that can make things easier for everyone in the home.
  • Choose the right materials – the materials you use in your bathroom should be durable, safe, and easy to clean.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Design

Now that you have read how to make your bathroom more accommodating for wheelchair users, Bathrooms is here to help you redesign your bathroom and make it more accessible for all! Reach out to our team today for more information and schedule a consultation to get your free quote.

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