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Bathroom Renovations that Save You Space

Small space bathroom renovation is a serious project to undertake, and when it comes to bathrooms, the smaller the space you have, the more difficult it is to plan a successful remodel. A full bath requires a minimum of 36-40 square feet – which doesn’t leave you with a whole heck of a lot of room to play with. Fortunately, there are a number of simple bathroom renovation tricks you can use to free up some valuable real estate. Do you often feel cramped and crowded in your bathroom? Check out these renovations that will open up the room and save you much-needed space!

Unconventional Sink Styles

Don’t feel obligated to install a traditional square vanity sink. There are numerous design options available that can work great when remodeling a smaller area.

Flat or curved sinks are less bulky; while an undermount sink is a good way to create additional counter space.

vessel sink countertop with square vanity
cabinet vanity with ceramic countertop and round mirrors

Custom Cabinets

Never underestimate the power of custom cabinets. This option is a creative route to go down if you find yourself with limited storage opportunities in your current space.

Creating a custom cabinet for your specific bathroom can really allow you to maximize every inch of space.

Compact Shower Stalls

Depending on the needs of the household and personal desires, you can opt for a compact shower stall instead of a tub or shower/tub combo. Compact shower stalls take up far less space and can help make the room look and feel more spacious.

You can take this a step further and install clear walls in the shower stall to really make the space feel open.

Shelf Up

Do you feel like you’re quickly running out of floor space once you’ve planned for your sink, shower, and toilet?

Not to worry – utilizing the wall space with shelving is a great way to inject additional storage options into your bathroom remodel.

compact shower stalls with marble subway shower tiles
bathroom sliding door renovation

A Sliding Door

Instead of worrying about the logistics of opening and closing a traditional swing door in potentially limited space, consider installing a sliding door that can disappear into a pocket in the wall.

The arc created by a swinging door can potentially lead to interference with vanities, toilets, or tubs and showers – with the sliding door, this concern doesn’t exist.

A Floating Vanity

Did you know that it’s possible to maximize storage but still free up space when selecting a vanity? A floating sink with open shelving allows you to maximize the space below the sink while not having to concern yourself with the swinging doors.

If space permits, mind you, drawers and cupboards are great resources to meet additional storage needs.

floating vanity with two basin counter top with attached bath tub

Bathroom Renovations for a Small Space

When it comes to planning your small space bathroom renovation, it is absolutely imperative that you are cognizant of the space you have to work with. So keep these space-saving tricks in mind throughout your project.

For more space-saving ideas, call the experts at iBathrooms – our team of professionals can handle all of your bathroom renovation needs.

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