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How to Renovate Bathroom Under 20K or Less

Is a bathroom makeover long overdue? If you’ve been holding off on updating your bathroom because you are worried about your bathroom upgrade cost, we are here to dispel one of the common myths about bathroom renovations. You don’t have to break the bank to makeover your bathroom.

You can renovate your bathroom for less than you probably think. Our iBathrooms team recently renovated a bathroom for under $20,000 in Ottawa. In this article, will be breaking down the project and explaining our approach and strategy. We’ll also discuss what we changed and how you can successfully renovate a bathroom on a budget.

Have a Clear Vision

Having a clear vision and sticking to the plan keeps the budget under control. Making changes along the way tends to increase your spending.
The project was a 3-piece bathroom renovation for a client who had purchased a home and wanted some renovation work done prior to moving in. The client didn’t want anything over the top, just a nice, clean, modern bathroom. So that’s what we did.

The goal was to have the bathroom match the style of the house. The flooring in the home was laminate that looked like barn wood. To have flooring that matched this look, we went with a tile that looked the same. And since we knew that the client wanted the same look for a future basement bathroom project, we sourced enough for the next project as well.

Choose Your Bathroom Renovation Team

The contractors you work with for your renovation project must be experienced professionals. The success of your project depends heavily on the team you entrust your project with, so be diligent in selecting who you want to work with.

You want a bathroom renovator that is upfront about the costs, is qualified to do the job, and communicates well so you have a good understanding of the project and the costs involved. The quote you receive should include all costs for the project, including electrical, plumbing, materials, and labour.

The Challenges

Dealing with Limited Space

One of the issues many homeowners face when renovating small bathrooms is limited space. Sometimes the features you would love for your new bathroom cannot fit into your bathroom.

We ran into this issue with this renovation project.
The challenge we had was that there wasn’t adequate space for the vanity the client had selected. In fact, the space in the bathroom wasn’t big enough for any of the stock vanity options available to the client. We also didn’t want to have a custom vanity made because it would be much smaller than ideal.

How to Upgrade your Bathroom under $20,000

  • Think outside the box – To solve the problem we had of limited space, we moved the doorway towards the toilet. This created enough room for us to fit a standard 18 x 14“ vanity that had the same finish and colour as the kitchen.
  • Plan ahead – Adequate planning gives you the time you need to shop around for affordable materials without being rushed for time.
  • Consider the style of the rest of the home – This creates a cohesive look throughout your home.
  • Make small but impactful changes – Sometimes all you need are a few minor changes to make a difference.
  • Maximize space – We did a tub-to-shower conversion and installed a 32 x 60” shower base, and replaced the vanity. With the extra room that we had from the conversion, we installed built-in shelves and a small alcove.
  • Make functional changes that are realistic to your lifestyle – In this case, the client enjoys taking showers more than baths, so a tub-shower conversion was both a practical and an aesthetic decision.

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Repair or Remodel?

Making the choice between fixing up repairs or remodel is a key decision. Making changes to the structure can work better for the bathroom and the project. Deciding between a bathroom repair or a remodel ultimately depends on the age of your bathroom and if it suits your lifestyle. Bathrooms that are relatively in good condition may just need a few things to be repaired like repairing a leaky faucet or adjusting the hinges of the vanity doors. 

A bathroom remodel is highly recommended for bathrooms that are outdated, that do not suit your functional needs, or need more than just minor repairs.

It’s all about finding solutions that work with your space and partnering up with contractors who have a high standard of quality and understand your vision.

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Follow High-Low Rule

When renovating your bathroom, prioritize your spending. Waterproofing, plumbing, and ventilation are going to be higher expenses, so focus on these first and then allot a lesser amount of money for affordable fixtures and materials. Always discuss expenses with your contractor early on in the project so you can plan accordingly. A bathroom renovation under $20,000 is possible if you have a clear vision, come up with creative ways to make an impact, and choose affordable finishes and materials.

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