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Small Changes, Big Impact: Quick Bathroom Updates

Given how essential your bathroom is to your morning and bedtime routines, it should be designed in a way that works for you and looks great. Additionally, swapping out some of the unflattering bathroom fixtures and replacing them with trendier and more appealing options can translate to greater value for your home.

How Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact

When people think about bathroom makeovers, most envision a major overhaul that will take a long time to complete. But bathroom upgrades do not have to be elaborate and expensive. You can make small bathroom changes that improve the look and function of your bathroom.

shower rod with re-grouting tiles renovation

Easy and Quick Bathroom Updates

Updating Hardware and Fixtures

Replacing your shower head, shower rod, towel racks, or toilet paper holder can give a subtle but impactful upgrade. Other bathroom hardware to consider replacing includes cabinet knobs, mirror frames, shower handles or sink hole covers.

Replacing Old Shower Curtains and Bath Mats

The shower curtain is one of the eye-catching elements of your bathroom, so replacing your shower curtain and bath mats can give your bathroom a much-needed upgrade. 

Re-Grouting Tiles

Removing hardened grout from the seams between the tiles and applying new grout can make your shower look brand new.

Giving Your Bathroom a Fresh Look

Adding a Fresh Coat of Paint to Walls or Cabinets

Nothing brightens up the room quite like fresh paint. With many non-toxic paint options on the market to choose from, consider giving your bathroom a fresh look by applying a new coat of paint to your walls or cabinets.

Installing New Towel Bars and Hooks

Towel bars and hooks are details that are often overlooked. Replacing them for a new look is a quick update you can easily do without breaking the bank.

statement mirror with single vanity and subway tiles wall

Adding a Statement Mirror

Who doesn’t love a great mirror? A statement mirror can do wonders for your bathroom in both function and appeal. Choose a mirror with a frame that catches the eye and commands attention.

Incorporating Plants for A Natural Touch

Having bathroom plants allows you to incorporate nature into the room. You’ll need plants that don’t require much sunlight. Some of the best bathroom plants include ferns and succulents.

Upgrading Light Switches and Outlets

Installing new light switches and outlets is an upgrade many people make for aesthetic reasons, however, the benefits are not just about the look. Many newer options have built-in features like sensors, nightlights, timers, etc. 

Functional Bathroom Updates

Replacing Old Showerheads

Over time, the performance of your showerhead may become diminished, and you may begin to see signs that you need a new one. Update it to a modern option designed for optimum relaxation and comfort. 

Installing a New Toilet Seat

Toilet seats typically last about 5 to 7 years before they start to look old and worn. Install a new one based on your style and comfort needs. Plastic and wood toilet seats are the most common. Other less common types include ceramic, stainless steel, vinyl and brass.

bathroom renovation with separate shower room

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It’s important to maintain your bathroom regularly to ensure it serves the needs of your household. You don’t need a large budget to update your bathroom. Small changes go a long way in keeping your bathroom updated and functional. iBathrooms is here to help you improve your bathroom with practical and affordable solutions. Contact us today for more bathroom renovation ideas.

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