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Bathroom Remodels for Small Spaces: Maximizing Functionality

If you have a small bathroom, you may be wondering how feasible it is to renovate such a tight space. Not only are you probably scratching your head over how to reinvent the space, but you may be wondering whether a bathroom reno is worth the investment. Well, we’re here to put all your small bathroom renovation concerns to bed. The truth is there are many trained professionals who have experience working in tight spaces and can help you come up with some design ideas that work even in the smallest of bathrooms. Our team at iBathrooms is up for the task. Here are a number of valuable tips you can use to make your small bathroom as functional as possible.

Make the Space Appear Larger 

Any time you can make a ceiling look higher, you’ll make the room look bigger. The way to do this is by tricking the eye and creating a seamless point of connection between the wall and the ceiling.

If you have wide crown moulding in your bathroom, replace it with narrow strips that match the ceiling colour to blur the demarcation between the wall and the ceiling. Another tip is to swap out any pendant lighting or hanging light fixtures for recessed lighting or wall sconces.

Spacious bathroom with large floor tiles and double vanity
wooden vanity with marble counter top

Use Light Colours

Stay away from dark colours because they tend to make a room feel more confined. Also avoid using contrasting colours for the same reason. Instead, opt for lighter shades within the same colour family.

Another trick is to blur the lines between the floor and the wall by matching the floor to the wall tile. Stick to a white ceiling and avoid the temptation to add any additional colours or patterns to your ceiling.

Large Patterns are Key

It may seem like a good idea to go with small patterns given the size of the room, but this actually has the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve.

Choosing large shapes and patterns can trick the eye and make your bathroom look more spacious. So opt for large tile squares for your floors and walls.

drawer vanity with large tiled walls
Sliding shower door renovation

Sliding Shower Door

Installing a hinged shower door is not the best choice for a small bathroom. You’ll need extra room for the door to open outward. Instead, choose a glass shower door that slides back and forth to open and close.

Glass has a way of making spaces look bigger due to it’s transparent nature.

Extend Counter over Toilet 

You can never have enough counter space in a bathroom, and a great way to create more is to extend the counter over an adjacent toilet. This is not only creative, but it’s also a brilliant way of maximizing your bathroom space. Just be sure not to crowd your counter with toiletries.

Only keep the items that are essential to your morning and evening bathroom routines on the counter. Store extra towels and bathroom supplies in a storage area or nearby closet.

extended counter over toilet bathroom renovation

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Don’t let a small bathroom discourage you from having fun with your space. The team at iBathrooms are experts at small bathroom remodels and would be happy to help you transform your bathroom into a space that works better for you. We have so many space-saving small bathroom design ideas you can explore. Get in touch with our team today for more amazing small bathroom reno ideas!

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