Orleans Tub to Custom Shower Conversion

Another cool bathroom renovation project was completed.

We are very happy to share some before and after photos of this typical 3 piece bathroom. Our customers wanted easy access to a shower instead of a tub. This seems to be a very common request these days as our population ages and accessibility is becoming an important factor in people’s lives.

White we are converting an alcove tub into a custom schluter shower, it was a great opportunity to remove an unneeded non-structural partition wall and have a glass enclosure. This opens up the bathroom to more light and makes it feel and look bigger. The tiles that were used for the floor of the bathroom and the shower were selected for their non-slip property and look. 

There was one setback in this project, we were hoping to relocate the toilet into the corner where we currently have white wall mount shelves, but upon opening the floor we discovered that the way the joists connect we are not able to relocate the toilet without a major rebuild. At this point, we had two options, option number 1 was to go back to a 60” vanity, and option number 2 was to proceed with a 48” vanity and use the space for something else. Since a 60” vanity would not function properly with doors and drawers being in the way of the toilet we have opted to keep a 48” vanity and install floating shelves in the corner. Here is the end result.

We want to thank everyone who was involved in this project and namely:

Art, Darryl, and Danny with Summir Drains and Plumbing for their dedication, attention to detail, and professionalism. https://summitdrain.ca/

Anatoliy with Skull Electric for his help and support with doing all of the electrical work for this project.

Richard from Boone Plumbing for helping us with most of the finished materials https://www.boone.ca 

Anna and Ellie from Euro Tile and Stone for their help and support with tiles and all of the tile-related products. https://eurotilestone.com  

Devon, Jeff, and Jordan from BathDepot https://www.bathdepot.ca/ 

All the staff of the Ottawa office of Richelieu for their help in ordering and selecting the hardware for this project https://www.richelieu.com/ca/en/ 

Special thank you to our clients for their trust and patience during this renovation process.

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