Kanata Bathroom Renovation Tub-To-Shower Conversion

It is such a great privilege to know what your calling is. 

We often feel frustrated thinking that we’d like to do great things in the world and yet we hold simple jobs doing simple tasks. The wisdom that we miss is that in those simple jobs, the jobs that are done well are the seeds of greatness, and making a real difference in the world starts and ends with being the best we can at the task we’ve got at hand. Simply put, do your job well, give more than you take, and you will make a positive impact in the world and affect people around you in a good way. It is with this thinking this many other bathroom renovations are being done.

In this particular case, our client reached out with the need to renovate their 3-piece bathroom in Kanata. Our client needed to convert the bathtub into an easy-to-access shower that is both cost-effective and easy to maintain.  The solution to this command request is always a quality acrylic base and large glossy tiles for the walls. As you can see in before and after photos, the result is a clean, functional, and above all beautiful bathroom that will serve our client and his family for many years to come.

We want to thank everyone who was involved with this project specifically 

Art, Darryl, and Danny with Summir Drains and Plumbing for their dedication, attention to detail, and professionalism in completing the plumbing of this bathroom. https://summitdrain.ca/ 

Anatoliy with Skull Electric for his help and support in doing all of this project’s electrical work. 

Richard from Boone Plumbing for helping us with most of the finished materials https://www.boone.ca 

Arpit, Andrew, and Naluka from Euro Tile and Stone for their help and support with tiles and all of the tile-related products. https://eurotilestone.com 

All the staff of the Ottawa office of Richelieu for their help in ordering and selecting the hardware for this project https://www.richelieu.com/ca/en/ 

Alex and Yuri with iBathrooms for their hard work, skills, and attention to detail in completing this beautiful bathroom.

 And above all, we would like to thank our customers, for their trust, patience, and efforts in working together to make their bathrooms as great as they are now.

 Thank you all 

iBathrooms team

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