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What Is the Best Bathroom Tile?

There are a number of different things to consider when choosing bathroom tile. Color preferences and material, and, ultimately personal preferences all play large roles when it comes to deciding on what’s best for your household. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, read on to find out how to choose the best type of tile that suits your needs.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Bathroom Tile

Light Colours Can Make the Space Feel Bigger

There is no room in the house that exemplifies this old adage like the bathroom. Since bathrooms are often smaller in size, and sometimes lack windows, you have to get creative with lighting and decor in order to make the area feel spacious. It’s important to consider how the color of the tile could impact how the room size feels before spending the money.

Artistic small tiles on the large tiles
Mosaic tile wall

Don’t Use More than Three in the Same Space

Keep the rule of threes in mind when selecting a bathroom tile. If you go and try to incorporate more than this you will find yourself in optical chaos. You should look for the main floor tile; perhaps a tile for the wall, and a third to add as an accent, at most – but no more!

Materials Matter

  • Ceramic – always a crowd pleaser thanks to its durability, along with stain-resistant and waterproof qualities. It is easy to install and clean, and is even resistant to smells and bacteria!
  • Porcelain – a physically harder material than ceramic, is another popular option thanks to its increased durability. The only concern is that it is more expensive than ceramic so keep this in mind when preparing the budget.
  • Natural Stone – while it offers a nice texture, the maintenance is much more strenuous than ceramic or porcelain. The porous nature means it catches and holds dust and dirt quite well.
  • Marble – while marble does offer a unique natural pattern and is easy to install, you will have to constantly be sealing it. It is also a very fragile material and on the pricey side.
  • Travertine – a natural option that is more cost-friendly than limestone or marble. Not only does it come in a variety of shapes, but it will also provide the luxurious feel other natural stones offer. 
artistic tile collage
large size tile for bathroom


Are you wondering how to choose tile size for a bathroom?

Well, small tiles are a great option for decorative borders or feature walls, but we do not recommend them as the main tile for either floor or wall, small tiles were very popular 20-30 years ago and in this day and age because of a statement of something out of fashion. Large 12×24 and 24×24” tiles are pretty much industry standard in tile sizing and for most bathroom renovations including powder rooms, we recommend these sizes. Keep in mind the industry is slowly moving to larger and larger tiles, so installing your main tiles in these larger sizes will ensure that your bathroom will remain relevant and current with bathroom and tile trends for years to come. 


Material plays a large role in tile budget, and if you are planning for more than one style or design, you should select your favorite first and see what’s left in the coffers. 

Grout Plays a Design Role

Matching grout to tile will accentuate the material; while contrasting tile with grout will make a pattern pop.

tile board for bathroom renovation
modern artistic design tiles for elegant bathroom look


Tile profiles not only help tie a room together but also help protect tiles from chipping or cracking. It also renders caulking obsolete! In this day and age, you can find a wide variety of profiles to compliment almost all bathroom designs. 

So What is the Best Bathroom Tile?

Hopefully, this handy little guide helps you narrow down your options and select the best tile for bathroom renovations. For more information on tiles or for any bathroom renovation needs, contact the experts at iBathrooms today.

* Photos by Ben W. made at the “Euro Tile and Stone” store – the Canadian preferred quality tile & stone distributor since 1987.

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