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Most Popular Ways to Finish Your Bathroom Walls

If you are in the process of renovating your bathroom in 2022, you might be asking yourself, what are the trendiest ways to dress up your bathroom walls? If this sounds like something you have asked yourself, keep reading this blog as we will go over these exact questions.

The devil is in details, and bathroom renovation is no different. What we will present is our opinion, an opinion that is based on decades of experience and many successfully completed beautiful bathrooms. Our opinion is also based on a particular time frame – we are writing this at the end of the year in 2022, going into 2023 and grounded in a specific location that is Ottawa, Ontario. So, time and location matter a lot. Let’s move on to the main subject of our post, the  most popular bathroom wall finishes in Ottawa 2022.


Tile is a timeless wall finish for the bathroom. It is still one of the top choices for the floor of your bathroom or powder room but also for the walls and sometimes even the ceiling. 

Tile, whether it’s ceramic, porcelain or glass, is an excellent finishing material for your bathroom. It’s versatile and can be installed in areas with direct contact with water like showers or tubs or in general bathroom areas. The advantages of tiles are ease of maintenance, excellent water resistance and resistance to fading with age and exposure to sunlight. A numer of options and styles can be created using tile and its various combinations, from clean and minimalist, retro and vintage, or a classic, natural look. 

subway tiled walls with self standing bath tub
wall tiles collage

Wall tile, however, has its own set of challenges. It’s usually more costly compared to some other materials such as bathroom paint, the installation process is much longer, more expensive and requires an experienced and knowledgeable installer. A properly installed wall tile is a guaranteed way to bring new life into an older bathroom. And although tile is not the most common material found in the bathroom, it is one that we adore the most.

In Ottawa, there are many places to purchase tiles. Entry level tiles are sold in big box stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, whereas quality imports can be found in such stores as Euro Tile and Stone and Centura Tile. At iBathrooms Mobile Showroom, we are proud to carry a variety of quality tiles for a reasonable price. Many beautiful bathroom renovations have been completed using all of the above suppliers – just take a look at our Gallery for a few samples and ideas for inspiration.

Natural Stone and Marble

Natural stone and marble can seem very similar to ceramic or porcelain tile in their size, shape, and where they can be installed. But these are vastly different products. While tiles are man-made products, stone and marble are natural products. Though you can find man-made stone and marble products these days as well.

Installing stone and or marble for your bathroom walls is an excellent way to introduce a natural look with neutral tones to your bathroom renovation. If you are after a classic look, use marble walls in the shower or accenting walls to transform your bathroom into a work of art.

natural stone flooring and wall tiles with toilet
marble shower wall with white vanity

Stone and marble walls are a very popular wall finish in Europe, and they are becoming more and more popular in Canada too. We are beginning to see more and more large-scale marble pieces installed on the walls of the bathroom as one piece finishes. They can also be installed as a one-piece wall in the shower.

Natural stone and marble does come with their own set of things to remember. Compared to manmade tile, natural stone and marble will eventually fade and change their original colour if exposed to the sun. A natural stone or marble should be protected and sealed to prevent staining. And in general, these wall finishes are a little more expensive compared to ceramic or porcelain tiles

Bathroom Wall Paint

This may be surprising, but the most common finish throughout your home and the bathroom is paint. Did you know that over 80% of your home surfaces are walls and ceilings, and they are primarily covered in paint? This includes your bathroom. In fact, most of your bathroom wall surfaces are covered in paint. When it comes to painting your bathroom walls, the key point to remember is to use good quality paint that is specifically made for use in the high humidity rooms like bathrooms and powder rooms. 

You may want to consider the sheen of the paint as a semi-gloss will work better in a humid bathroom environment compared to flat paint. Many bathroom paints these days also feature high mold and mildew resistance. These features are important for your bathroom. Both wall and ceiling paints come in bathroom grades. Bathroom paint can provide many options for a unique look and feel to your bathroom.

painted walls with large mirror and wooden vanity
walk-in shower with toilet and vanity

The type of bathroom you have can dictate the type of paint you should use. Bathrooms with lots of natural light look great in both light and dark colours. In bathrooms without windows, lighter paint colours with white ceilings and white trim creates a calming and natural atmosphere. A smaller bathroom such as the powder room can be dramatically enhanced by using two colours for the walls, the main colour and an accent colour in either lighter or darker tones behind the vanity and a mirror for that dramatic look. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the paint as a main wall finish for the bathroom.

Ultimately, there are many more options to finish your bathroom walls or the walls of your shower. As time goes by and iBathrooms completes more posts like this, we will continue to do more bathroom renovation projects so check back in for more updates.

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